Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Few Personal Notes

Resistance work is starting to play into my dreams. Which is actually a relief because I had started dreaming creepy shit. I have a recipe for "Creep Banishing" powder and I think I need to make a batch since the moon is waning. The moon is currently in Capricorn which is perfect for setting limits.

Still haven't gotten any plastic Easter eggs, but we did get a tree to decorate. We even put the tree in place. Cleaned the yard, too.

My oldest stepson is in jail. He is serving the last sentence. He has between 41 and 53 days depending on what different counties agree to do. Hopefully he learned something from all this.

My toddler is teething. She had a fever of 103. I called the doctor as I was driving to the office. I was astounded when they told me not to bring her in. I didn't even have to treat the fever. I wondered how much of that was actually true and how much had to do with it being Friday afternoon. I went to the pharmacy, got fever reducer, and decided if her temperature spiked again I'd take my baby to the ER. She's fine now, though cranky at times.

I have started on the Witches & Magick posts series. Yes, sometimes I do start writing them 6 months in advance. I have a lot of work to do as I will be using my own spells. It's also an entire Stitch Witchery series. Every project is a spell.

I think that's all. Oh, I did turn the trash can into a negative energy trap. We still experience outbursts of bad behavior but it doesn't last very long and things seem to resolve quickly. I am still doing broom magick and a major issue is no longer a problem. Whatever work you have begun keep it up.

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