Thursday, February 2, 2017

How My Personal Practice Changed

About a year and half ago, I decided to be a better Witch by helping people. I decided the best thing I could do for my community was to give magick to whoever needed it. So when I saw broke down cars, I sent healing energy  (and once got a stalled car out of a busy intersection). If I saw someone struggling with too many shopping bags or apparently stressing while on the phone, I sent calm energy. Sometimes I would pick random people and give them a boost of prosperity or love. This is a fun thing to do, especially when you see change occurring right in front of you.

I guess that was the Universe training me for what was to come. We all need magick now.

Our government is corrupt. The people's rights are slowly being taken away in the name of greed. Our planet is in sad shape yet we insist on killing ourselves. Our ignorance is astounding but we are too lazy to better ourselves.

I'm not blaming all this on Trump. These problems existed before he was elected. Actually, that's how he got in office. He represents the mask falling away; nobody is pretending now. Here's the ugly truth front and center.

Things are about to get worse.

Here is what you should be doing:
1. Your home should be a safe place. Make sure you can rest and recharge there. You need a way to shut out the world so you can have peace. That may mean you turn off all media at 7pm. That may mean you have a library of books about radical notions. It could mean an arsenal. It might mean every night you tell your children to be kind. Maybe it means the furniture is very comfortable and the locks are strong.

2. The Internet is how we are being manipulated. I have seen seen some rather backwards memes. I mean at first glance it appears to take one stance, but the words do not match the picture. I believe this is an effort by extremists to mock people. To make them like what they voted against, or to at least plant seeds of doubt in our subconscious. There's some nice things online, but mostly there's a lot of junk. So take a step back.

3. Realize what happens across the country IS your problem. If there is no clean water in Flint then the exact same thing could happen in Mississippi. Think the pipeline is only an issue in Standing Rock? There is one being constructed right now in Alabama, two miles from my house. Why is no one protesting? No one told us what it was. Information is still vague. I've heard it's a gasline, an oil line, and cable. Given the size of the pipe, I must say people don't mind completely altering the environment to install it.

4. Stop mocking the protesters. If you don't understand why there's a protest, educate yourself. Decide how you feel about the issue. I really hate to tell you this, but those women who dressed in vagina costumes aren't throwing a temper tantrum, that was the fastest way to get noticed.

5. If you're an artist, create more art. Make it beautiful. Make it shocking. Make a strong statement. If you think you have no talent, learn a craft. Learn to sew, cook, or carve. Learn a skill that is useful. If nothing else, learn CPR.

6. Be independent. Do for yourself, grow your own food, and gain an understanding of how things work. Can you change your oil? Can you change a flat time? Do you know how to turn off the water if a pipe bursts? Are the fuses labeled? Do you know how to tell if the fuse blew or just tripped?

7. Be kind. Leave a big tip. Put change in the parking meter. Hold open doors. Say please and thank you. If someone bumped into you would they walk away pleased to have met you or would they wish they had crossed the street to avoid you?

8. Do magick. Do magick every day whether you are a Witch or not. Everyone can make wishes. We can all carry good luck charms. And I can curse the bad guys.

In my next post, I will go into more detail about herbal magick. There's two very distinctly different forms but it rarely gets talked about.


fluffy said...

What an inspiring post. I try to do a lot that you have suggested already, growing our own food, educating myself on matters I'm unsure of and using magic to help my village, but there is always room for improvement. Thank you for making me think again about what I can do to improve my practice. Love fluffy

Kenneth Roberts said...

I concur 100%. The signs are bothering me too, a lot more than I first thought. Personally I'm glad you're on the job. I would take a flamethrower to this place (to quote Al Pacino's blind but clear-eyed soldier in Scent of a Woman).