Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dream Interpretation

I dreamed my husband and I were still living in the old house.  We were looking for something in a wooden box. There was lots of rope and tools. Suddenly Will said, "That shouldn't be there." Then he took something out of the box, but wouldn't let me see it. I asked if it was a snake and he reluctantly confirmed. We moved the box off the tree stump. There were lots of snakes inside the stump. I sent one of the older boys inside. Will kept searching. I saw a coral snake. Those are venomous so I made everyone go inside. Once in the house, I learned Middle Sister had written letters ranting about how unfairly she had been treated.

Here's how I am interpreting my dream: Middle Sister is up to something. That's not a stretch; she often creates drama, usually by running her mouth. This is why we aren't Facebook friends. One day she posted 4 whiney posts in a row and I got tired of it so I stopped following her. She has her setting to unfriend anyone who unfollows so that was the end of me. When I told Will he said she had blocked him long ago without explanation. A family friend called one day to ask what was going on with her because she had been posting negative but vague comments about us all day. And it's not just Facebook, occasionally Middle Sister will start talking to other family members. But just telling it once isn't enough and with each retelling she embellishes a good bit. Dreaming that she wrote letters instead of her being present makes sense. As does the drama queen making everything about herself.

Will hiding the snake makes sense because he usually deals with problems himself rather than worry me. In an effort to protect the boys, even my adult sons, I usually send them out of the room when having serious discussions. The son I sent into the house just moved out. I'm not sure if that is my subconscious processing it or if he is an underlying cause/target of whatever is going on.

Whatever it is may have something to do with the old house because we recently finished tearing down the last room. We have the foundation left, then we can landscape our yard. My inlaws own 3 lots in a row, one for each of their children. That implies inheritance but really they bought 2 lots and my husband bought the last one 20 years ago. Then he got a job out of state so his parents took over the mortgage. But now we are expected to buy our lot back. The girls don't have to buy anything. I don't think that's fair. To further complicate matters, I have a garden on the middle lot because there was no room for one on my lot. My mother in law also has her garden and her greenhouse on the middle lot but for some reason it is often whispered that we get more than our share. Middle sister will whine about having nothing while she lives rent free with her parents, then claim she cannot wait to leave town and never come back.

We are always looking for stuff. There's a ton of unorganized junk making finding items difficult. Father-in-law often borrows without asking and the boys move stuff to hide what they have broken. If it is too tempting, they will be lots of inquiries and pouting before it mysteriously disappering.

We often discover problems as we go about our lives. Generally we will be in the middle of something else. I can't think of a single time when we were relaxing or asleep or on vacation when being struck with tragedy.

I don't normally consult dream books. They can be a nice starting point if you are stumped about a symbol, but really the symbol only has meaning as defined by the context of your life. A dream book will tell you pine trees are healing but if you have a memory of all the pines being cut because of beatles then that's not healing that's your fear of loss. I think dream journals are much better because it allows you to not only explore your subconscious but also makes it easier to find patterns and reoccurring themes.

As for what I decided to do with this information, I believe dreams can be warnings or alerts to events. I worked a mirror spell to defuse negativity. Since I already know what could happen this is a smart move even if nothing is actually happening at the moment. If I'm wrong there won't be anything to reflect back and if I'm right then she only gets whatever she wished on me.

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