Monday, January 30, 2017

Tidying Up

My sewing shed is not solely mine. Currently I share that space with my husband and his tools. I wouldn't mind,  except no one is capable of putting things back where they belong. I can't use my work table because there's always a toolbox or 3. Which is a shame. It's a very nice industrial work bench type of table, complete with a lovely metal shelf. Things came to a head a week ago. I went out around 7am for much needed thread. The door was standing open. I despise that because when the door is open any critter can wander in. The light was on. I realized it had been on for over 24 hours since 2 nights before my husband was working on a car. And sure enough, the lamp he was using was still plugged in (hence the reason the door was open- no outside outlet). I think it's a horrible waste of electricity, plus bugs are attracted to lights shining in the darkness. I tried to go in but there was a pile of tools just inside the door. I got mad. I locked the shed. It took my husband 3 days to notice, then he was mad. Now I have to take my keys with me every time I go out there and when I forget them I get mad all over again. Locking the door hasn't resolved the problem. Grudgingly I left the shed open this weekend so my husband could use the saw. He sent the boys into the shed to put up tools. They dropped tools at the door, then left the door open.

My temari ball didn't work out at all. My instructions suck. I thought I just wasn't grasping the concept, but no, the instructions are missing steps. I found more detailed instructions online, but it really discouraged me so now I don't want to work on the ball. I still think temari would make a lovely spell but when I realize my entire book is probably lacking information I don't want to do anything related to temari. It makes me irritable knowing I probably have to search for each stitch pattern.

The dragon I am making for the guild show is coming together lovely but slow. I picked a dense stitch pattern. Looks great, should hold up well, but damn it eats yarn like a pig. I don't have anything that looks like a dragon yet. The show is in July, the piece must be turned in the last week of June, and I am starting to stress about time. To complicate matters, I decided to participate in an auction in September. I have TWO works to complete this summer.

I have gotten tired of not being in shape. Now each time I finish a round of sewing I take a walk. I feel better but I think I am sewing less. Maybe I am using a lack of productivity as an excuse not to exercise.

Now you know why there wasn't a Stitch Witch post with pictures.

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