Monday, January 9, 2017

Stitch Witchery- Temari

I have a pinterest board filled with nothing but temari balls. I think they're lovely. I see a strong potential for spell work in them. I decided one of my resolutions will be to create more art, and more magick, because we live in a time when we desperately need more beauty. I resolved to make one temari ball per week for 2017. I missed the first week due to sickness, the new year's holiday, and my 40th birthday. But no worries. I can start the second week, so that's what I did yesterday.
I bought a pack of foam balls. There are many things that can be used as a base in temari. This just seemed like the easiest way to begin. Later I may decide something else works better or lasts longer. I can't stitch the ball as it is so the red yarn is used to making a padding.
Getting yarn to stay in place is a bit tricky. I used mod podge. The book I'm reading suggested double stick tape. I didn't have any. I wasn't sure how well the mod podge would stick.
It seems to work very well so I slathered a good bit all over as I wrapped yarn around.
I let the first wrapping dry completely. 
I then started the second wrapping at a different point so that the ball was completely covered with no obvious starting places. I still used mod podge. I may end up with some hard lumps but I don't think so because the mod podge is under the yarn. I don't think I'll have problems unless I make really deep stitches.

The ball, wrapped in yarn and dried. I used a shot glass as a stand to keep the mod podge from gluing the ball to my counter.

The next stage is wrapping background thread. I will do that today. I haven't done any magick yet because this is a learning process for me, but I think the beginning stage would be excellent for mapping a path, setting events in motion, beginning journeys, or building strong foundations. I wrapped in a clockwise direction. I would consider directions more carefully depending on the type of spell I chose. I would probably also consider numerology. There's no reason to stop at 2 wrappings. I could have made 3 or 4.

Tomorrow's post will be about wrapping the background and measuring for stitch placement.

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