Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Magick

A while back I mentioned trying broom magick. If you remember, I said I always thought of the broom as being just a tool until I read an article that treated the broom like a living thing, putting the broom in the same category as a familiar. I pondered this concept here and there. I finally decided that I didn't want a special broom reserved only for magick. The broom should be multipurpose; it should be used for both cleaning and spell work. After deciding that worked best for me, I had to resolve my next problem- where to keep it. I wanted the broom in the open where it was easily accessible. That eliminated both my household broom I keep on the porch and the small brooms and dustpans I keep under the sink. It seemed as if I would need a decorative broom after all. Then I noticed that not only do I have extra broom, but it resides in a place of power.
The fireplace broom! Perfect! This is a set of secondhand fireplace tools that I bought in a antiques store, but I don't think the broom has been used much at all. For some reason people are afraid to use these. I'm guessing they don't want to ruin the set. I don't really have a problem using things for their designed purpose. And I don't have a problem replacing this broom when it's worn out even if the next fireplace broom doesn't exactly match the set. Just like if something happens to the poker I'd buy a new one and I wouldn't worry about whether it was cast iron or brass.

So today's plan is to clean the fireplace and then try to awaken my broom. I'll write a post later on how I do it, or even if it works. I may need a different plan. This also begs the question of if the other tools in the set can be used for magick. Could the shovel be a banishing tool? I intend to find out. After I find out what works I'll be able to write about what spells I'm able to do. Stay tuned.

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fluffy said...

Hi :) I was really interested in this post as I have three open fireplaces in my home ( victorian tiny miners cottage) and use them regularly, but never thought of using the brush from the set as a magical tool. In fact I never even thought of it as a broom! I would be really happy if you could post magic you use with your set as I would use it everyday (during the winter). Also intrigued to hear of it as being used like a familiar I will look further into this. You have given me a lot to think about and I am determined to use more magic in my everyday life this year. Fluffy x