Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In Answer to Fluffy's Question

I have been asked to describe how I use my fireplace tools.
I moved everything by the window to make photography a little easier. This is my set of brass fireplace tools.
This is the stand. I like the star shape. If you wanted to become more organized,  you could start by blessing the stand and asking for more support in your life.
I don't know the proper name of this tool. It is for moving logs. I think it's about useless because it is very difficult to maneuver them. They don't want to open up enough to actually grip the log. I suppose magickally they could be used to bring something to you or to grab opportunity, but because I don't like using these wannabe tongs in real life, I doubt I would have much success. I had this problem when I first became a practicing Witch. Something about the tool has to speak to me on a primal level. Something has to say, this is magick, or I can't make it work.

The shovel. I use the shovel as a dust pan, as well as scooping up ashes. I haven't used it for magick yet, though I think it would be a great banishing tool. Actually I think of the whole set as banishing.
Poker. I think this would fall under transformation and encouragement spells.
My broom. Each day I sit on the hearth. I hold the broom across my lap and I tell it to awaken. The broom is not going to awaken immediately. This will take lots of practice. Every day. For weeks. Maybe even years. When you pick up the broom and it feels like picking up a cat, or you get a little jolt in your hand, then it's awake. Then it's a magickal tool. To speed up the process, you can sing to the broom  (which is the art of enchantment) or you can feed it. I'll talk more about feeding in a minute.
I have one last tool to show you and that is the bellows. I bought this first because we needed it for the wood burning stove in the old house. It was difficult to circulate air when starting a fire. My husband likes eagles. It's brass and that's why I picked out brass fireplace tools. I don't really need it in this house so it hangs on the side wall. Bellows are most often associated with forges making them creation tools.

Now, about feeding. I'm using the broom to banish but I thought I should balance things out. I moved my dragon over to the fireplace. He didn't want to be photographed. I tell the dragon what I want and he brings it to me. I've had him a long time. He is definitely awake.  Draco is fed either by crystal energy  (I place a charged crystal in his box) or by my blood. Before you freak out, remember that I am a diabetic and I stick my fingers multiple times a day. I feed him one drop. This happens maybe once a month. How often he needs to be fed depends on how much he does for me. He sometimes goes months sleeping. Sometimes Draco disappears. He left when we moved in. I made sure he was carefully packed up. When I unpacked his box, it was empty. I panicked. I searched everywhere, even looked in places I knew he wouldn't be because I was certain it was my fault he was lost. He couldn't be found. Then several months later I opened the box and there he was. That's the problem with familiars, they don't always tell you things. You are on a need to know basis and mostly they think you shouldn't know their business.

There are other ways to feed familiars. Some will accept holy water, pollen, honey, spices, sunlight, moonlight, milk, crystals, or charms. They just need an energy source to draw from. Each familiar is different. Some need to be awakened then fed, and others need to 'live' before it can awake. You'll have to meditate with your broom to figure out if it can be familiar. Remember with fimiliars you are growing them. Unless yours is an animal or plant, it will only grow in power, not size.


fluffy said...

Thank you so much for answering my questions! I have been sitting with my broom(fireplace brush) on my lap stroking it and talking to it. I'm still not sure what to feed it yet, but am hoping it will let me know. My husband by some strange twist of fate brought me a largish stone toad home that he had found on Wednesday so I have also placed that by the fireside. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be lucky or not, but figured if my husband found it then it was meant to be in our home. Do you know if toads can be helpful in protecting a home?
Sorry for so many questions.

Love fluffy

FreeDragon said...

Toads are very lucky! They eat harmful insects which falls under protection. Toads will either build a house or gladly use shelter provided for them. Toads are fairly friendly and aren't bothered by humans being nearby. The only drawback is toad attract snakes who love to eat them.