Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Going Along

Right now I'm tired. A Witch's work is never done, and neither is an artist's,  or a mother's. I am all three. Sometimes I wonder why I keep trying.

I am starting to have success with the broom. Today when I picked it up it felt heavier, sort of like picking up a small pet. The handle is starting to turn darker. When I sit on the couch and glance at the fireplace tools I can definitely tell which one is the broom. I think using the broom has averted trouble. I discovered someone was up to go good. When I took steps to protect myself I found out why their plan failed. I feel better, but just to be on the safe side I did an additional protection spell.
I have lots of keys. These were my father's. Crossed keys are a powerful charm. At first I tied them together with red thread. They shifted around badly. I tried gluing the keys together but the glue wouldn't hold metal to metal. Finally I glued the keys to popsicle sticks, then glued the sticks together. That worked perfectly. I have made 2 sets to be buried at the front and back doors of my house. I will add red thread and banishing herbs to set the spell. Just because a spell is traditionally worked one way does not mean that is the only way to do it. I really like how this came out and I will make more key charms. Now that I have a usable charm I am thinking of more applications.

I'm still plucking along with my art. I do some every day. Some days I get really tired of what I'm working on. Sometimes I really want to start another project but I don't because that leads to never finishing anything. I have reached a point in my life where having a completed project I'm proud of is more important than having been involved with multiple projects.

Monday I plan to be back on weekly posts. I'll have stitch magick to show you.


fluffy said...

Im so pleased you're going back to weekly posts. Whilst I'm not really feeling anything much yet from my fireplace broom, I think my stone toad has started to watch me I I have taken to talking to it. I like the idea of protection spells. I use a bayleaf with words written on it buried in a pot in front of my front door (which leads directly onto a path, then my garden is beyond it) and on the handle of my backdoor gate which I hope protects my home and family from harm. My husband brought home lots of oil paints he had found about a week ago so I am tempted to try and paint something. I am no artist, but I just thought even colours splashed on some board might feel good. Looking forward to your stitch/needlework posts. I love hearing about sewing.

love fluffy

Kenneth Roberts said...

Stay strong sweet girl and amazing kitchen witch. But for you I'd probably lose hope. I need to know you're still out there doing the necessary to keep all the balls spinning. I respect your efforts and deeply appreciate them. You're fighting the good fight and I'm with you. :)