Friday, December 16, 2016

Almost Back

Today is the first time in well over 2 weeks that I have had a moment to myself; and it's the last day of school before Xmas break so it could be after the new year before I get another moment. I will brief you on the comings and goings of my corner of the world.

It finally rained after 62 days of drought. Alabama went from a burn ban to flood warnings in the same week.

My husband came through his surgery just fine. Being that he couldn't eat, he lost weight. He can breathe better. His CPAP machine had to be turned down because it was blowing too hard so now his sleep apnea is better.

I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions. I've decided my main goal is to manage our money. I have decided this is work that must be done every single day, whether we have money or not, because far too often we are struck with unexpected expenses. Many of these could be avoided if only I had planned a bit better. So now I am looking at bank balances, bills, and schedules daily. And I started when I realized it needed to be done because procrastination has also been a stumbling block for us. I have noticed it is less stressful to tackle problems head on.

My other goal is to sew every day. I already did this, mostly. But now I am trying harder. Now I make sure stitches are created. I carry my sewing box everywhere which baffles Will. Or it did until he saw me sewing while we waited at the pharmacy and people started asking me questions. If you do any kind of art this is the best way to get noticed, and probably the best way to gain commissions. If nobody knows what you do they can't buy your art, admire your art, or tell their friends.

We are expanding the garden! The fire pit will move thus doubling my growing space. I am very excited about this.

I am trying to do more for myself. A girlfriend and I now meet once a month because we are tired of being responsible adults cleaning house. I also color more. I haven't gotten back into reading as much as I would like, but I have bought one new book and am picking slowly through.

Like I said, I probably won't post again until after the new year. If there's anything you would like for me to write about, leave a comment.

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