Monday, November 28, 2016

On a Personal Note

I won't be posting for a while. My husband is having surgery tomorrow. Nothing too serious, he's having his tonsils, adenoids removed, his palate moved forward, and his nasal passages opened. He stays sick. About 3 or 4 times a year we end up in Urgent Care because he can't breathe or his sinuses are draining on his stomach. The surgery is supposed to resolve all that. He's not going to feel well for at least a week. I obviously can't blog while taking care of him. We are doing this now because in January we get new insurance. Also in January, Trump takes office. He has promised to end Obama care. Per Trump's usual m.o., he didn't say how he would do this or what kind of care would be in place. So since there's too many unknowns, and because we've already met our deductible, now is the best time.

In other news, I am still leaving magick where it can be found. I think we need magick more than ever. I have left my little charms at the post office, the library, and the Kroger parking lot. I try not to leave them in a store where they could be mistaken for merchandise. I just bought plastic canvas stars so I can make lucky star charms. I think we need luck most of all.

I am also working on art. I have started the piece I will enter in the artist guild show. I have started a Facebook page to promote my art. Apparently I need a website as well because Facebook doesn't seem to want to stand alone. My page keeps asking me where to send customers if they want to buy something. Extra work, yay.

I've had a good deal of stress dealing with inlaws. That is supposed to be resolved but it isn't really because nothing is different. My husband refuses to be involved and after several futile efforts to make things better I realized I couldn't fix it because I wasn't being wronged. I decided he was right. Now I'm staying out of it too.

The leaves are changing but it is unseasonably warm. My little patch of land seems confused. It is very dry here. We haven't had rain in over a month. I'm thinking about influencing the weather. Normally I let Mother Nature do her thing because she knows far better than I what is best. But the trees have a desperate feeling around them and I am starting to worry.

I am breaking my rule of never discuss politics. This has been a nasty election year. I've never seen so much pathetic whining. And on all sides. Most of the Hillary supporters are certain life as we know it is gone forever. I really don't like Trump. I don't think he can do the job. But I don't think he will set us back 20 years either.  Our rights are not suddenly going to end. I think it will probably be more like when Bush was president and it was unwise to openly be Pagan. People didn't have a problem openly mocking Witches. But we still had our rights. I think that's how it will be for gays. I'm not sure yet how things will be for others. I think the people who are talking about leaving the country fear what COULD happen and are assuming it is happening rather than seeing what is occurring. I don't have any answers. I have decided to focus on what I do have control over. I'm going to do magick. The world needs it.

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fluffy said...

I wish your husband a speedy recovery and am glad you can still make time to continue with magic, as you say the world needs it! Much love to you and your family , Fluffy xx