Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kitchen Witch 4

This is a zero carb breakfast. I haven't mentioned low-carb cooking but I should since both me and my husband are diabetics. I'm a type 1 and he's type 2. Some people assume that as long as type 2's take their meds they can eat whatever they like. This is not true. I have noticed that type 1's live longer with far less complications. Food affects us much faster. With type 2's the effects are not seen until some time later and by then it's too late- the damage is done, and it is nearly impossible to reverse a poor diet after years of bad habits.

The American Diabetes Association recommends adult females eat 15 grams of carbs per serving and not more than 45 carbs in a meal. Adult men can have 20 per serving and 60 per meal. I think that's really sexist. I think they need a better system that takes weight, lifestyle, and activity levels into consideration. Don't get me started on their dietary recommendations for pregnant women. There is no reason why men should be allowed more carbs than women. I eat more than my husband and he out weighs me by 160 Lbs. My sugar drops often. His rarely does.

The problem with being diabetic is this: you can't eat what you need to live. Carbs are fuel for the body. Too many will make me sick. Literally. I will vomit if my sugar is too high. This is my body's way of ridding itself of extra sugar. Too few carbs is like trying to coast a car on fumes- everything comes to a complete stop in short order. The lower my sugar is the harder it is to think. Never mind trying to function.

The best diet for a diabetic is to first pick out a meat because protein has no carbs. Then put at least 2 vegetables with it. That's it unless your sugar is low, then add bread. Eat fruit for dessert.

A lot of people think diabetics shouldn't eat fruit because fruit has carbs. I call bullshit. Fruit will raise your sugar but it does it slowly and your body has to work at digesting it. Fruit usually has fiber and fiber erases carbs. Always remember that. The more fiber the better. If a nutritional label states a food has 12 carbs and 3 grams of fiber then actually you are only getting 9 carbs. Fiber is magic. Sadly, there is nothing with more fiber than carbs.

The best way to eat is this: the more ingredients you can identify the better. If you are reading a list of chemicals, put the box down. Don't eat it. Walk over to the produce aisle. Buy whole, unprocessed foods. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw so yay! No cooking!

I mostly cook from stratch. Manufacturers love to add sugar to everything. When I say everything consider this: McDonald's adds sugar to the salt used to season French fries. Sugar is addictive. Their fries taste different than the ones you eat at home so you tend to eat more of them. Don't be a mindless sheep grazing along unawares. Know what you are eating.

Despite what cookbook publishers would have you to believe, low-carb cooking is very simple and easy. I'm going to write 2 more posts on this subject. One about low carb recipes and one about choosing low carb in the real world.

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Kenneth Roberts said...

I'm a Type II diabetic and always enjoy reading your take on diabetes challenges. It ain't all cookies 'n cream is it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this incredibly misunderstood condition :)