Monday, August 15, 2016

Cursed! Or Burdened With Negativity

We have gone through a ridiculous amount of problems in the last 3 months. I could put that off as bad luck, but the exact same problems keep occurring. Hmmm.

The first thing I did was think over things carefully. Are we the victim of our own selves, as in, could these things have been avoided if we had handled business? I decided no, we did not create our problems. We paid our bills, filled out paperwork, kept our appointments, stayed in contact, and did routine maintenance.

Then I started thinking about what kind of people we deal with. My inlaws are spiteful. We have several so-called friends who never keep promises. We've been forced to deal with issues that involve less than honest people. Our neighbors are drug addicts. Would I allow any of these people into our home (inlaws aside). No. Yet they're all in the perimeter of what we deal with daily and the edges seem to be reaching for front and center.

My next step was to clean house. I emptied trash and swept. I looked for problem areas that always stay messy and I thought about who makes the mess because that is usually an indication of who is associated with negative energy. The person who makes the mess is not always the problem. Sometimes it is an associate of that person. This gave me clues about what kind of spell work to do.

The third step is protection. I chose to wear empowered jewelry and to carry crystals. I've also decided to smudge on a regular basis until things seem to be improving. This will prevent negativity from building up.

The fourth step is an uncrossing ritual. I usually do a simple uncrossing spell that returns negative energy back to the person who sent it. I don't send negativity back to one person in particular unless that person seems to continually crop up when a fresh round of problems occur. I don't want to hex the wrong person. I have heard of Witches who work uncrossing rituals each year and then they watch what happens. Many of their "friends" suddenly have problems, everything from car trouble to sickness to money woes. Every time I do an uncrossing I am surprised by who suddenly develops problems. Most of the time these people aren't deliberately vindictive but when I think about it,  I realize they're jealous.

Which brings me to the last step: be careful what you broadcast. You might be happy and wanting to share a joyful moment but not everyone will be pleased with what you're proud of. Someone might think you're boasting or condescending. Insecure people are good at creating drama out of nothing. Sadly not everyone finds pleasure in beauty or happiness because it emphasizes what they are lacking.

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Kenneth Roberts said...

Good approach. Hope it works