Monday, June 6, 2016

Sleep, Bed, Dream

My husband and I are upgrading from a standard bed to a queen. I really like our current bed because my great-grandfather made it. But it has a few problems. First, it has a really tall footboard. My husband kicks it in his sleep so he wakes up with bruised feet. And he's 6 feet tall and the bed is six feet long...but the high footboard makes it seem shorter, so he tries to scrunch up but he isn't comfortable. (At 5'1" I'm fine.) The mattress was purchased when I was about 23. I'm 39 now. And of course, our daughter seems to take up half the bed when she sleeps between us. One of our adult sons wants to move back home and he can't sleep on the couch forever, to say nothing of the fact that he eats his weight in groceries each day so if I let him sleep on the couch he can see the refrigerator and then he'll get up for a midnight snack, so yeah, he needs to be in another room away from temptation. All this has me thinking of various magick and spells pertaining to sleep, dreams, and beds.

The direction you sleep in can affect you in many ways. Most people believe your head should be in a particular direction but others say you should face a direction to achieve effects. Try them all, see what works for you. Just remember any changes in sleeping habits can affect your body, so try it for several nights before deciding if it's working.

You should flip the mattress every 6 months for even wear. Flip the mattress during a waning moon to encourage the mattress to stay flat. Vacuum the mattress every month to discourage mold and mites.

You can have more erotic dreams by sleeping on your stomach. However, because it is a more vulnerable position, your nightmares can be scarier.

Sexual dreams are rarely about sex. Dreaming of having sex with a celebrity means you want what they have, fame and fortune. Sexual dreams about a person you know in real life means that you want a deeper relationship with that person, not that you desire them sexually.

Drugs, both prescription and recreational, can turn off the part of the brain that controls dreaming. Not having dreams can result in psychological problems.

Reoccurring dreams indicate a problem that is unaddressed. The dream will continue until you face the problem.

Sleeping under a new quilt for the first time is believed to make dreams come true. For best results, the quilt should be washed in snow before it is given to the recipient. To snow wash a quilt, dry powdery snow is needed. The quilt is gently laid face down on the snow and rubbed from the back to remove dirt. The quilt is moved to another patch of clean snow and the process repeated until no more dirt shows on the snow. If you live in a warm climate, try rain washing. Simply lay the quilt on a clean surface and leave it in the rain. This is a gentle way to clean a quilt without agitation.

Beds should be kept clean. Ideally nothing should be stored under the bed or you will be burdened by your problems and never able to rest.

Headboards should be beautiful to promote a secure and affluent life station.

Some people think mirrors should never face the bed because a married couple will be disturbed by the "third-party" in the bedroom. Televisions monitors are reflective so be wary of them as well. There really shouldn't be any electronics in a bedroom but if it can't be avoided move them at least 2 feet away from your head.

Keeping a dream journal can be a good way to find reoccurring patterns and themes in your life as well as helping you break bad habits and being aware of negative programming. For best results, write the same way each morning. This may be in a favorite journal or while sipping coffee. Do not switch mediums. If you start on your laptop continue to use it rather than alternating between hand written and typing. If you can't remember your dreams record your feelings and how well you slept. After you get into the habit you'll remember more and more.

There's a good bit of information about dreams and sleep so check libraries and online. Look for both folklore and psychology because each contains useful information. The important part of learning more about dreams is to simply be willing to explore and learn.

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