Monday, May 2, 2016

Done. Ok, No, But Close Enough

I said I would not do another hex sign/stitch Witch post until said hex sign was completed. And I got busy. Except the leaves never came out right, so I restarted more times than I care to admit. I finally decided it was the pattern's fault and I designed a new pattern. Then life got in the way which gives me both an excuse and blog material. So here's what I've been up to:
A while back I mentioned the chakra bed spell. The spell works great for my husband and for 2 or 3 weeks I felt energized. But I stopped dreaming. I think no dreams is bad for my metal health. I cleansed the stones and returned them to my stash on top of the pantry. If we develop any health problems I'll try it again but not for extended periods.
I'm doing general household sewing. I finished my magazine holder but failed to measure the shelf. Sideways looks ok.
I finished this ages ago but just hung it up yesterday.
This dream catcher relocated from my bedroom door  (where it clank ed annoyingly each time we opened the door) to my daughter's window. My baby can stand without holding on to anything. Many things have moved before she starts walking.

So here's the finished hex sign. I know, for all the time I've put into it, this isn't the least bit impressive. Part of the problem is that I haven't made many hex signs. For a while I was drawing lots of them but this is the first time I tried to stitch one. To compound the problem, I changed my mind several times. This was originally supposed to be a hex sign for change, not prosperity. And then I made changes after I decided what I was making. All I knew for sure was I would have oakleaves. The stars were taken from a necklace I found in a car that was given to my husband. He's a mechanic and allowed someone to store cars at our house. He was given one as a thank you. But it's not just any car. It's a 2000 Mustang. Or that's what we were told. On close inspection, we discovered it is a half year model. As in when Ford does something radical with their cars they release them half way through the year and a limited number is made; much like they did with the original Mustang in '64. The car is a true 35th anniversary edition. It's worth some money. Now using a necklace I found in it makes more sense. 5 point stars represent luck in hex signs. Everything needs to be attached, then the hex sign can be activated. In the fall I intend to renew the spell by adding acorns. Real acorns. I think that will be more powerful than anything I stitch.

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Jeanne said...

How exciting! The Little Miss is up and will soon be about. :o)
I love the hex sign! Beautiful work. Prosperity can be found in oddest of places.....