Friday, April 1, 2016

Stitch Witch- More Cleaning and Beginning Stitches

Today I cleaned the cubby where the hex sign will reside.
This is the left side before.
And right side before. I'm sorry it's so dark. The lighting was terrible. I tried holding a flashlight but I couldn't manage both flashlight and tablet and still take a good picture. This is over my kitchen cabinets so there was a balance issue for my overly clumsy self as well. I took everything down, wiped out the cubby, then I lit incense to smudge with.
The incense I set on the stove and I turned on my vent fan because my smoke alarms are Sensitive Suzies.
I smudged each object that I placed in the cubby. I usually try to smudge as much as I can at once. I only needed to smudge the hex sign but I didn't think it would hurt to smudge the items that were quickly becoming my prosperity altar. I also used the incense to smudge my dream catcher. This is the right side of the cubby. It now houses my glass dragon, my two mortar and pedstril sets, and that copper shine you just can see is a copper candle stick. I turned it into a negative energy removal spell. Such things are necessary when children have abandonment issues.
The left side of the cubby now has the totem pole and the glass eagle. These two were beside the t.v. and I just know one of my children was going to carelessly knock them off the mantle while fishing for the remote. The hex sign will hang here when completed.
Finally, I can start stitching. I smudge my blank hex sign. I'm starting by doing the edge because this is like casting a circle; it gives me a defined space to hold energy. I slide the yarn under a row of worked stitches on the back of the piece and start moving clockwise around the circle. As I stitch I chant. "Trinka 5, Trinka 5, ancient spits come alive, money grow and money thrive, spirits of the Trinka 5."
A few times my yarn got twisted. This is normal. To untwist simply let the yarn and needle dangle. It will unwind by itself.
The completed edge. This is dark green yarn. I know my bad lighting makes it appear black.
This is my crystal ball sitting on the blank hex sign. I use the crystal ball to direct  energies into my work. The crystal ball has relocated to the sewing shed since I intend to have a daily Stitch Witch practice.

There probably won't be another post until Monday. Next I have to start adding symbols to the hex sign.

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fluffy said...

I am really enjoying watching the process of spell casting and realise how much time it can take up. Thank you for posting I'm really looking forward to seeing your next post. Love fluffy