Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stitch Witch 7

I now have seven posts about my hex sign and no hex sign. Sheesh.

I started working my pattern on Aida cloth which led me to two problems. 1. My leaf was considerably smaller since Aida cloth has smaller holes than plastic canvas. 2. I can't fucking see. I love cross stitch until I start doing the work then I am forced to admit that I am 39 years old and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Ironically, the best solution is probably to take my contacts out because contact lenses are not designed for fine sight. This is a serious problem for those of us who are devoted to needlework and eye doctors just don't understand. Or they use it as an excuse to sell us an extra pair of glasses which is obviously not the answer or I wouldn't have gotten contacts in the first place. End of rant.

I went to Hobby Lobby just to look, mind you, maybe look at magnifying lenses...I walked out with a quilting book and 14 count plastic canvas. After entering the store I utterly forgot about magnifying glasses. I really should invest in something nice since I'm not getting any younger. But clearly my mind is in denial about my age. Maybe I can come to terms with it slowly.

I've decided to finish the hex sign no matter what. So in my next post I will have it completed. For those of you paying close attention, you will remember that I was worried about moon phases. We are now on a waxing moon. Procrastinate long enough and stuff sorts its self out.


Jeanne said...

Yes. I have come to believe that procrastination is more of a blessing than we may realize.

fluffy said...

I look forward to seeing it done, love fluffy