Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I was exploring my pins on my Witch board the other day and I started actually reading the descriptions which led to the word terrakinesis. If you've seen the movie 'The Last Air Bender' remember that there are people who can control other elements. Terrakinesis would be the earth bender.

I went to the site to read the article which was a thorough but basic instructions for how to move manifestations of earth (rocks, mud, earthquakes). While the instructions fit most esp exercises, there was no mention of how long it takes to master the skill or what sort of things could happen or how one might feel or what might happen to the body. But the instructions were interesting enough that I wanted to try terrakinesis.

I started by trying to move a small crystal. I didn't move it, but I did feel a strong connection. I felt the vibrations of the stone as in if you could see/feel atoms moving. It was fun to try and I think it might be fun to do with other stones so I could learn what vibrates slower or faster. And it would probably be a fun exercise in different places, say a cemetery versus a forest. This is why I love being a Witch. There is no end point. The more I learn the more I wish to know.

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