Monday, February 8, 2016

The Time Bender Spell

It's still very much a work in progress. But I have seen good results.

This spell was different because first, I had no idea how to do it. The concept was fairly simple- go back in time and ensure someone was never met.

The trick was knowing how for back to go.

I wanted to wait to do this spell. I felt like I needed a very secure place to set things up. I didn't want to do it in my house because I would be opening a portal. At the very least, ghostly figures might be seen and I didn't want the boys to be frightened. If something more troublesome came through I definitely didn't want it in the house.

Then some things happened and I couldn't wait any longer. I decided to attempt the spell and if it didn't work I'd have to try again.

Immediately I hit my first wall, finding 3 mirrors. I have lots of mirrors but none are the same size and I felt like that was vital. Also, most of the mirrors I own are in use. I couldn't see moving furniture around so it all reflected properly, I didn't want to do it in the house, and I wasn't about to buy more mirrors. I realized I had two small mirrors I bought for a craft project but hadn't put together yet. I felt better about that choice because I didn't have much money invested and the mirrors were the same size and shape. But I need three for the spell.

I finally decided to use my round magick mirror. I thought it would act as a form of
proctection. Using small mirrors worked very well because they're easier to hide. I have a small cabinet I used for another time spell but I couldn't put the mirrors in it because it was too small to position the mirrors so that they reflect each other. I put my mirrors on the floor of my shed behind some shelves. I was able to stand over them to make sure everything was positioned without being reflected. I'm not sure how the spell affects people. Yet another reason not to do it in the house.

The shed proved to be a good location because I was able to reflect the first mirror towards the site where first contact took place. Now I had to figure out how to actually do the spell.

When I did the heal the past spell, I imagined time following backwards to a certain point. I then envisioned what I wanted to happen rather than what really did occur.  I decided that was a good a method as any. I stated my intent, I said how for back I wanted to go, and I said what I wanted to happen rather than trying to change what did happen. In this case, rather than two people meeting online, I said one of them never used the site. I said he didn't sit in front of the computer. I said he got up and worked outside.

Then I had to wait. I hate waiting in magick. Not only is it the stress of waiting, but it's Witchcraft so who knows what bizarre stuff will come up.

Nothing happened. I kept waiting for the phone to ring or people to say something strange. Nothing. No ghostly figures either.

Then the boys came home. They were astoundingly good. Almost like they had always been good and had no issues or behavior problems and had never been traumatized.

Everything went to hell the next day. I repeated the spell. Things were calm again for 3 days. I had to repeat over the weekend. I then noticed other areas of our lives seemed less stressful. It's like we're not worn down so we can think more clearly  and are better able to see what will happen and deal with it promptly.

I've changed perceptions. I'm going to keep doing this work.

So far, I seem to be the only one who knows what's going on. No one is talking about the person or if they do they aren't saying as much. We haven't had much contact with the person and when we were supposed to something happened at the last minute so that plans were changed in a major way but we weren't inconvenienced. No one seems to be thinking of the past. Everyone is suddenly involved in projects. Some of these are home improvement, some are career moves, and some are small steps in improving habits or health or just trying to live better. It's only been a week.  I'm interested in what could happen if I made minor changes in other areas.


Jeanne said...

I find this quite interesting. Time is a funny thing - hard to envision and wrap your mind around. Be careful though. Could there be some type of backlash when working with time in this way? I don't know...... I know you'll be careful, but the 'mom' in me still worries......

FreeDragon said...

The first I ever heard of this spell was in the book "Advanced Witchcraft" by Edain McCoy. She uses a car crash as an example, saying that if the event is erased from your space-time continuum then you may find your car isn't as damaged as first thought or you may heal from injuries much faster. I don't think there is a way to reverse time or to take away an event entirely. Think of all the little details that would never come into being. I don't think all that could be undone.

There could be negative consequences but I think that could happen with any spell...or with leaving the house or driving or traveling or talking to the wrong person.

I've tried lots of spells on this person but while most of them worked not all 'stuck'. I tried sending negativity back, but they never take responsibility for their problems. I tried having them move away but when their problems caught up to them they came back. I even tried good things so they would be so busy they couldn't brother us and that didn't work because they always seek to ruin a good thing.

I decided the only solution was for them to not be in our lives. I debated doing the spell for a long time. I still think it is the best choice. As for the other uses, I was thinking about things like what if a pay raise was bigger or a bill was more affordable or a package deal had better options. Small things. Not sure about attempting another big event.