Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Winding Path

Some Witches describe the path of their practice as being like a tree. They describe it as climbing higher as they gain more knowledge. Reaching a limit is coming to the end of a branch. I suppose the tree analogy works to a point, especially if you think in terms of The World Tree. I don't see my spiritual path as a tree. I don't think the tree analogy works very well to describe progress because it makes no mention of how long one has been on their journey. And while trees have roots, and while this could describe the underworld or journeying into the psyche, I never hear Witches use that example. The tree could reach everywhere but that's called moving to another branch. I think at some point one would leave the tree.

I think of my practice as being a path. I call it a winding path because at times I seem to loop back over the same subjects or come close to the points I once visited. Sometimes I look back and see patterns I couldn't be aware of while I was on my journey. At times the path seems clear but after a while I see the smaller details that weren't on the map so to speak, like meeting people. There's no travel guide for circumstances.

I haven't done anything else with the time bender spell. I think some details came into play that I was not aware of. I did learn the school decided I had post-partum depression which I think is ridiculous because they never see me and therefore cannot know if I am behaving like my normal self. That sounds more like someone grabbing at excuses. A certain staff member hasn't been doing what they were supposed to do and that came out. I'm not sure how much of these things are the way the spell is working and how much is the events that caused things to play out as they did.

Things happened quick, but after they were over it's as if they didn't happen. I think most of that are things resetting. I haven't tried to influence anything else. I'm letting things sort themselves out. I haven't had time to do much work anyway. Every day is packed with errands. I have the sense of things being set farther back into the past and I believe this is a 'reset' too.

I've taken to looking at things carefully and considering if it's a potential problem or a detail that could have more than surface impact. Which is divining. So see, I'm on this path even when I'm not trying to move.

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