Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Beginning of the Stitch Witch Book

I went to the craft store. They had some lovely blank books in the clearance section. The problem I encountered was that there were lined pages for journals and blank page sketch books but no books that were both. I think I need a book with both kind of pages because I'm certain I will need to either draw or photograph knots. I was getting more and more frustrated as I searched through the clearance rack. I KNOW they make a journal with both pages because I have one. I have one. Then I felt dense. Admittedly I've already started writing in it but it's a book of shadows type of journal so the subject isn't far off. I also have blank composition books, typing paper, and this tablet. Suddenly I was able to leave the store.

In the effort to have a working studio in 2016 I've been sorting notions. I organized all my threads. I'm slowly (oh Goddess, how slow!) sorting embroidery floss. Winding floss is really boring. But it can be done without using much brain power. I wound up a bunch of it while fussing at one of my sons. Like I had a pile of floss and then there was none so I looked silly trying to sound stern while fumbling on the table reaching for floss that didn't exist.

In hopes that another pile would magickally organize itself while I dealt with life, I got out another big pile. This one reminds stubbornly set to the table. I slowly wind while daydreaming. The pile barely decreases but I have new ideas. Even better, I now have time to decide if said ideas will indeed work.

Since the pile disappeared while I fussed at my son, I became a little worried that the anger I felt got trapped in the fiber. So I will be smudging everything when I'm done sorting.

I believe it would be very easy to infuse intent while winding floss. If you do this please label what you infused with what quality. Bear in mind you could encounter a situation where the intent doesn't match the spell such as a red being love but righteous anger is needed. At that point you will either have to buy more floss or smudge and re-empower.

Some of the colors I don't like. All the light greens make me think of poison. Some of the light blues make me think of ice. Poison and ice aren't conducive to a cross stitched summer scene. So I think it's easy to wind floss with intent, but I am trying not to do it because I don't know what all my floss will be used for. It may be better to separate floss intended for spells. But that means more boxes to keep it in.

Another thing I am considering is timing. We all know about the meaning of moon phases and days of the week. Have you ever worked by the clock? When the minute hand moves from 12 to 6 it is going down and this is a decreasing time. From 6 to 12 is the minute hand rising so increase spells can be performed. 11:45 is a good time to start a prosperity spell. 3:05 would be a time to work banishments. Using timing this way makes it much easier to stay focused on themes. It also helps you to carve out the time to sew. Knowing you have a few minutes after dinner is much better than having to wait until the next day.

I am generally most concerned with when I start rather than when I stop working. Sewing is very time intensive. I can't only sew at particular times, I need to do as much as I can. Some people think spells begin to work instantly. I don't think this is so. Seeds do not burst from the ground in full bloom seconds after they are planted. I think conditions have to arise, meld, simmer, then build to a peak. Then they ebb, die down, fade away. I believe that if I stop sewing during a decrease time then that merely matches the natural rhythm of the world. It does not harm my spell.

I have more thoughts on Stitch Witchery but they will have to wait. If anyone has a question, leave a comment. I love it when my readers make me think of things I had not noticed.

About the spell I was working yesterday- it's called the chakra bed. You need one colored stone for each chakra (or a clear quartz since tumbled gemstones can get expensive). The stones are placed under the mattress. They're supposed to be aligned with your chakra according to what position you sleep in. I couldn't do that because I wanted the spell to benefit both me and my husband but I didn't have 14 colored stones. I centered them under the mattress.

Both of us had a hard time getting up this morning. However, yesterday was a rough day because both sons decided they were unhappy with their mother and both acted out. For hours. The entire household was upset and we're still not done because one chose to do more wrong things since he didn't get his way. Nobody slept good last night.

I finally went back to bed this morning. When I got up I did feel much better. I think the chakra bed spell works best when you are able to get a full night sleep. It probably works better when each person has their own stones rather than one set being applied to 2 people. When I change the sheets I'll added in some clear quartz. I will probably change every other stone for quartz and this way both me and Will each have some colored stones. Later I might try all quartz. I thought it was best to try the spell as it was written before I altered it.


fluffy said...

I was very interested to read about the timing of spells. I had never really thought about the time relating to the hands on the actual clock moving up or down. I use a treadle sewing machine and as I sew I use the rhythm of the pedal to speak out my spell or count how many times I repeat something (not sure if that is very clear). I have often sewed things into hems to aid with my intention, but perhaps need to think of more things I could do. Thanks for all your posts fluffy

Jeanne said...

I have read and re-read this post. So much very good information! Thank you. I, too, had not thought about time and how it may impact a spell.