Monday, January 25, 2016

Magick Cabinet a.k.a. The Top of the Pantry

I found a spell I really want to try. It required many stones. I had everything I needed, but it was all out of easy reach. Being that these aren't supplies I use on  daily basis, the magickal cabinet was rather dusty. I took it all down to clean. Then it occurred to me that you might want to see what I keep.

This contains crystals. After a while this pot wasn't big enough. 

I moved on to a printer's tray. I keep the small and fragile specimens in the pot.

My dragon keeps watch over it all.

It's not really noticeable.


Jeanne said...

Very nice. Not even noticeable. :o)

Thank you for the information about the monkey knot! ♥ I appreciate the time you took to answer.

FreeDragon said...

You're welcome! :)1