Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Example of Knot Magick

This is a cord I made using my kumihimo disk. While I was spinning the cord I chanted what I wanted to achieve- that my stepson be free of all the problems his biological mother caused. During the time while I was working, a few issues came up BUT we managed to resolve them quickly without the stress we normally deal with.

I chose a monkey fist knot to complete my spell because first he's holding on too tightly to toxic behavior and he needs to get that monkey off his back. Monkey fist knots were originally designed to help cast fishing nets farther out into the water. Water usually represents emotions and he hates discussing his feelings. Monkey fist knots can also be weapons. Steel ball bearing are placed in the knot for this purpose. I used a glass marble because his ego is fragile. The marble is safe inside the knot. I'm very tired of his mother playing mind games.

I hung the knot near the door. Each time I see it I'll repeat my chant. That's how spells function; you've got to work them.


Jeanne said...

For how long will you leave it there? What do you do with it after you take it down?

FreeDragon said...

I didn't have a time frame on this because there's a lot to work out. I trust that I'll know when the spell has run its course. Usually in Stitch Witch spells something happens like the item gets lost, threads start to fray, someone insists on buying the item, or damage occurs like grape soda being spilled on it or a dog decides it's a great chew toy. Had I wanted for things to end in a matter of months I would have used natural fiber like cotton or hemp and I would have left the knot exposed to the elements, either left outside for the weather to wear it down, buried in the dirt to rot, or maybe tossed into a raging river. I'm going to assume it won't be a quick resolution because nothing else is. We deal with the same behavior problems over and over- he lies constantly, after several weeks of good behavior we'll discover he's stealing again, or his mother will embark on a series of bad decisions resulting in her not seeing the boys for over a month and then they become angry and destructive. The difference now is the problem behavior doesn't last as long. I know that's not a solution, it merely indicates small gains. These problems didn't occur quickly and they won't go away over night. I'm pretty much trying to undo a life time of negative programming. Since the day he was born his mother has been rejecting him. And actually he was born early because she tied to commit suicide by overdosing on speed. Instead of killing her, it sent her into labor. I chose to leave the knot hanging by the door because the whole family has to deal with these issues. I didn't want to give him the knot because I thought he would untie it and end the spell. As awful as the situation is, it is one of the things that defines him. I feel that he needs to learn how to deal with it.

FreeDragon said...

Just realized, I did use cotton to make the cord. So I could dispose of the knot by letting it rot away. But when I made the cord I wasn't thinking of that. I chose threads based on color. But that is something to remember for future spells.