Monday, December 21, 2015

Where I Am

I'm pleased to say that I have finally settled into a stitch witch tradition. Though tradition isn't the right word because I haven't found anyone else doing what I do. I can't quite call it a practice yet because while my magick has become almost fluid it flows so easily, I still have much to learn.

I've taken up kumihimo braiding. This is fun and rather soothing, though the actual process differs from the instructions in the book I'm using. I tried several times doing EXACTLY what the instructions said and got nowhere. Either I ended up on the wrong slot or after completing a round I couldn't figure out how to make the next round because I wouldn't be back where I started. My book has illustrations. I started following those instead of making sense of the written directions. Finally I was braiding!

The magick flows in numerology and color. I start with intent- what kind of spell do I need? I use my pendulum to select a pattern. Then I consider colors which goes back to my intent, prosperity in greens and gold, healing in white, protection in bold colors. The numerology works a bit differently in that I accept the numbers the braiding disks use rather than applying the numbers I think would work best. If the threads are in slots 1 and 32, I might consider this to be the time frame, the spell should manifest within a month. Slots 8 and 24 could indicate repition. Both are multiples of 4 so if I had a chant I could say it 4 times while I worked. How I apply numerology is very intuitive but I can almost always find something that works based on the numbers given. I am keeping a stitch witch journal so that I know how well something worked. So far each spell I've braided has manifested the desired results.

After I have a braid, it can be used in further spells. Of course, the braids lend themselves very well to knot magick. They're also great for amulets, poppets, warding spells, banishing and binding.

The kumihimo braiding travels well so I can cast my spells anywhere without drawing unwanted attention. There's no worries about working a 7 day spell and having to keep an altar set up for so long. I do keep the work in a special cloth bag while I'm not working on it to protect the magick.

My goal for 2016 is to have a working studio. On the surface this seems simple because I already have the building. In reality it's a storage shed and is being used as such. It is currently filled with not only my sewing supplies, but also my books, AND my husband's tools. You see, when the crew came to tear down the house Will waited until the absolute last minute to move his tools out of the house. Part of this was he didn't have anywhere to put them and part of it was he didn't want to admit he owns many things that he'll never use. And then there was the thing about me kicking him out of the garden shed.

I got tired of finding my garden tools scattered around the yard. This was the whole reason why the old play house was moved from the edge of the woods and placed in the yard- so all my tools were neatly organized.

Except it didn't work. The problem occurred when my husband started putting his tools in my garden shed. That ate up a lot of space in a very tiny building. Then he would tell the boys to get things out which they could not do without knocking something over. When he told them to put it back they would toss it wherever instead of putting it in the proper place. It wasn't long before I couldn't enter the shed.

For the storage shed I took a different approach- children aren't allowed in. Only Will and I get tools or return them to their correct location. At the end of the day, I make sure everything is in place. This is the only reason I can still walk through the storage building.

I cleaned up the spot where my bookcases will go. I had to reclaim it because people love to fill empty space. I'll start painting the bookcases again this week. Last time I started painting I painted one. But I'm not pregnant anymore so that helps.

As for the old house, it is partly torn down. The crew didn't know what they were doing. The logical way to take down a house is to first remove the roof, then the walls, then the floor, and last the foundation. This crew started ripping up floors and walls.  They then cut support beams  (which the longer they are the more valuable) loaded them on a truck, sold the lumber, failed to pay us, and blew the money at the casino.

That was the day before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day we learned one of the workers stole a truck. The fool brought the truck here. The crew had been camping in the front room of the old house while they worked on the house. The one who stole the truck didn't want to go home for Thanksgiving because he had a warrant for his arrest. And the Sheriff's Department must have been bored on Thanksgiving day because 3 deputies came to my house, hands on pistols, and fairly jumping in excitement.

We fired the contactor and his crew. We found out where the lumber was sold and we will sell the rest ourselves. We are cleaning the yard and slowly the mess diminishes. The problem now is that my hoarder father-in-law sees potential in every board and every nail. The only way we have been able to dispose of scrap is to start the burn pile before he comes over. And to toss in boards without asking if he wants them.

My baby is happy and healthy. My stepsons still have abandonment issues. I am still the only one working to correct the issue. Things have gone to a whole new awful level- trying to hurt themselves for attention. And yes, they have seen their mother do the very same thing many, many times. I'm just going to assume she did it again recently when the boys were with her because it wasn't an issue before. This is why I don't want her around them at all.

So that's why I haven't blogged much, though I intend to post more. I like blogging but as it isn't a priority it falls to the side. Most things in my life fall to the side unless I schedule a time to do them.

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