Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Removing Clutter

Today is a good day because the boys aren't home. And at the moment my baby is asleep. And it's raining so now is a good a time as any to clear out junk and work some nice home spells.

Usually in December I am doing Silver Ravenwolf's great release challenge. I find it useful in tying up loose ends and setting the tone for the new year. I'm not doing the challenge because this year has been one long mess. Plenty of good things happened like getting our new home and the birth of Gabrielle, but these good things didn't come without work and in some cases we are still dealing with the event or the ripples the giant event created. I didn't even remember the release challenge until day 8. So this year I scan posts maybe once a week and I make notes of things I would like to try later.

I'm a firm believer in keeping the home neat. I believe this makes life easier on every level. Sometimes I will clean a long neglected area of my house and be absolutely amazed at what I find. I ALWAYS find something that doesn't belong. This could be anything from trash, to unpaid bills, to outgrown clothes, to lost tools. There doesn't seem to be one guilty culprit either as I could find something belonging to any member of the household.

Today I cleaned my daughter's closet. Of course, the baby didn't make the mess. The main problem was the gift of clothes.

I was given three large bags of clothes. All of it reeked of cigarette smoke. There was every size from newborn to two years. And most of it I didn't like.

I washed it all. The original intent was to sell/trade with a local shop. I spent a whole weekend doing laundry.

Then I sorted by size. Then I  pulled out what I was willing to dress my child in. This still left 2 bulging sacks of clothes.

Those clothes lingered in the closet for months. I decided last week that the clothes were going to the shop. But then the shop started posting pictures to their Facebook page. In every single picture were racks overflowing with clothes. Which made me depressed. I don't want to be stuck with these clothes.

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have to sell them. The clothes didn't cost me anything. I could give them to Goodwill. Whew!

Now I can freely walk in the closet. I feel better. Everything is organized. 

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