Monday, November 2, 2015

Season of the Housewife

Good morning, loves. Did you enjoy Halloween? Because it fell on a weekend mine was busy. But every weekend is busy.

I didn't get to post as much as I wanted for October. I actually had much grander ideas. But parenting is great. As long as you don't make plans or have a hobby.

Now that we are in November, I'd like to go on with my relatively new tradition of a month of Kitchen Witchery. It occurs to me that I never finished the tour of my house because I wound up in the hospital having an emergency C-section. Finishing the tour will force me to learn how to use my new tablet. I haven't exactly figured out how to post pictures. Apparently after I take a picture I then must save it to a file or gallery. I think this is stupidly redundant. Computers are only as smart as the person who programmed them. Whoever designed my tablet makes mountains out of molehills.

So anyway, the plan is to go through the house discussing the house magick associated with each room. We'll start with the living room for a couple of reasons. It's the entrance to the house. And I'm changing my cleaning schedule a bit.

I follow the Fly Lady's system except I focus on one room per day rather than spending one week on each room. My house isn't cluttered. Even if I clean the entire room from top to bottom this usually only takes a day. Providing I don't have anything else to do.

This November I'm hosting Thanksgiving. I want the house to be really clean but also
I want to finish up all the projects that makes a home cozy. Like finally recoving the footstool. That I've owned for two and a  half years.

I'm also smudging a lot. The boys' behavior has improved but I would really like the problems solved for good. I started taking them off the ADHD medicine today. I gave them half a pill. I read too many negative effects about cold turkey. I'm not sure if there really is a danger or if this is what big pharmaceutical companies say to keep you buying the drugs. Like I said before, I really can't see a difference in behavior when they skip a dose.

My plan is to focus on each room for as long as it takes. I started with the living room yesterday as I took down Halloween decorations. The mantle is a family altar. I considered every item I placed there carefully. Do we really need it? Should it be replaced? Is it dirty? Does it need repairs?

We are still moving. I know,  we've been in the new house for months. But some things are still in the old house. We did finally get a buyer. Sort of. He wants the house for the materials. He's coming with a crew in mid-November to tear down the house. We will get one third of the cost of materials. This is great but it means my books need to come home NOW.

Wednesday  (because my children are out of school tomorrow), I'll show you the living room, describe my typical cleaning process and show you some of the spells I'm doing.

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Sarah said...

Hope you've found some quiet time for yourself at some point. Moving is a process that never seems to be done...I was with my ex husband for 12 years and still had stuff at my moms house. I hope you get your books soon!