Friday, October 16, 2015

Witches & Magick- Water Witch

Today we're on our third element- water. While I'm talking about Witches who have an affinity for a particular element, the term Water Witch has another meaning- a person who divines or searches for water. This is usually meant to be the person walking across a field holding a forked stick trying to figure out where to dig a well.
When talking about the magick of the element of water, think about the power of a fast river. Think about ritual baths, boiling cauldrons, and drinking a potion. Also water wheels, bottles of water, and all kinds of ships. Don't forget shells and sea creatures.
To banish with water, write what you wish to leave on paper. Place the paper in a place where water will wash over it. This could be a drain spout, a sewer, a water slide, a gutter, or a creek. When the paper has dissolved so should your problem.
Tomorrow my favorite element- earth.

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