Thursday, October 15, 2015

Witches & Magick- Fire Witch

As we work through the elements remember that these Witches work best with this particular element, not that this is the only kind of magick they do.
Fire mgick is probably the most fascinating form of magick because fire is the most dangerous element; it can get out of control quick. It is also the most widely accepted- lighting a candle almost always signifies a spell or rite. And even when we see 'imaginary' magick in movies what we usually get is bright light or circles of energy with blue flames.
We use bonfires to banish. We burn Yule logs. Incense, which falls under air, needs flame to make smoke. We blow out birthday candles. We have holiday candles. We think an evening by the fireplace is very romantic. We love our fire.
Another form of fire magick is prisms. Most people don't think of lead crystal as falling into fire magick but it does because it turns the sun (the greatest fire symbol of all) into cheerful color. Prisms can be used for house magick, color magick, and charka balancing.
Tomorrow- water Witch.

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