Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Witches & Magick Air Witch

Welcome to the element portion! I will be going through each element and the kind of spells most associated with it. Today it's air. Remember, an Air Witch feels most comfortable when working with her element; it doesn't mean that's the only kind of magick she does.
Air magick involves any kind of words, written or soken. Or sung. 'Enchant' literally means 'to sing over.'
Feathers, fans, and flags are very obvious tools of the Air Witch. Feathers can be worn, carried, or tied to prayer sticks. It is believed that every time the feather moves the prayer goes to heaven. Prayer flags work the same way and are considered to benefit people who live nearby, even if they have never read the prayers on the flag.
My favorite air tool are wind chimes. I enchant them to bring positive change to my life. Each I hear the chimes, I say an affirmation.
Tomorrow- fire.

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Sarah said...

Lovely, informative piece.