Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Some Good News

My baby is healthy. The problems I've been having- swelling feet, crazy blood sugars, aching belly, are all normal pregnancy problems and not the result of anything going wrong. I still haven't had another ultrasound because my doctor has been booked solid nearly the whole summer. Apparently lots of women in town are pregnant.

The house is nearly complete. We've moved in (except the books because I don't want to paint another piece of furniture), all the trim is in place, we've started small landscaping projects, and in general life is easier because we don't have to struggle with a house that is falling down around us.

I bought my husband a motorcycle. Now instead of spending $20 a day in gas, he spends $8 max.

We bought a couch. We had been looking and what I liked my husband didn't. Plus everything was ungodly expensive. We went to a store in the middle of nowhere this past Monday. The building looks tiny from the road. I thought it was a waste of time, that we'd do our usual- I hate it, why do you like that ugly thing, this is uncomfortable, at that price we should be getting a whole living room suite...but much to my surprise we rounded the corner and the building just kept going. It was huge. Even better, things were organized. All the couches were together. The beds were across the store and we didn't have to wander around hunting. The whole family liked the couch. And it was about $500 less than everything else we looked at.

I finished the plastic bag holder I've been working on for nearly a month. Okay, probably it hasn't been a month but it sure feels that way because I don't get to sit down and sew for very long. This project had quite a bit of magick applied. As I stitched I chanted 'I bring order to chaos' It must have helped because everyone in my household is trying to keep things neat. Mainly I'm happy because there's no longer a big wad of ugly plastic bags hanging from my kitchen cabinet.

I have another project I'm applying magick to. I'll show it once I have made more progress.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you and the baby are well. Even the slightest of cramps is terrifying, or nausea or dizziness. It was for me anyway. I love the idea of weaving magic into everyday objects. It's amazing how effective it can be. I'm working on similar projects.
Hugs and good juju.