Monday, June 1, 2015

Upcoming House Magick

We are getting closer and closer to the new house. The kitchen is torn down to the foundation and the foundation is being pulled up as I write. I thought you might like to know what kinds of spells I will be doing on the new house.

First, it is important to save something from the old house to go into the new. I saved a VERY old square cut nail that I will add to a protection bottle. I will probably include the old house key, crossed safety pins to keep bill collectors away, a small mirror to turn back negative energy, and some salt or herbs. I haven't decided on all the contents of the bottle yet. Some other good choices might be nails and pins, garlic, crystals, purified water or whiskey, bones, or finger nail clippings. It depends on what you want to protect, who is allowed to enter, and your personal situation.

Another old into new is a board Will saved. It was in the attic and it will become a family sign. This is his project and he is being secretive about what he is up to.

When moving into a new home, make sure the very first item you bring in is a basket full of things that will make life easier. Put food and water in the basket so that you will never hunger. Money means you will never know poverty. Add a good luck charm. And don't forget to add something you think is pure magick.

Bless each room for your house. Smudge with incense in case workers were in a bad mood or sprinkle salt around the home to cleanse the house of any ghostly activity. Leaving salt on the floor for 24 hours kills fleas. Flies don't like the smell of PineSol or lavender. Mice don't like peppermint. Sprinkling corn meal around the outside of the house prevents ants from entering.

NEVER bring an old broom into a new house. You will bring trouble with it. I think this applies to cleaning rags and mops as well. I also take care to clean and bless my vacuum cleaner because you can't be too careful.

Adding sage to your cleaning supplies will keep unwanted visitors away.

If you can't bury anything on the property (like in an apartment building) bury the item in a potted plant.

Make the house yours by adding your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle of water and spraying the air.

Hang dream catchers as soon as the bed is set up with clean sheets. Don't forget that the direction you sleep in can affect your dreams. There's a bit of information on the subject, but it boils down to where you feel most comfortable. East is the direction of new beginnings and West is the direction of death, but West is also dreams and emotions. North might be a fine choice for people studying Norse magick, and South maybe a good choice if you wish to add passion to your life. However, some people find South unrestful because it is a hot, fiery direction.

Try to eliminate as much useless junk and clutter as possible BEFORE you move. Don't bring a mess into your new home. It is unwise to bring unfinished projects with you. Either finish well before the move or just toss it.

Try not to move when the moon is void of course or when mercury is retrograde. Sometimes these things can't be avoided. If you are being forced into a schedule you're not comfortable with, read, and then reread, everything and think carefully before signing your name. Don't make a major purchase. You can't avoid all problems, but you can ground and center each morning during the move and ask for divine guidance or help.


Aine O'Brien said...

I love, love your posts about your magical practices. This one is a keeper! I am glad you are updating us about the house project too!!

I wonder about sleeping on the north side of the house. Since I read (somewhere) that churches do not usually have a door on the North side, I imagine there might be a negative/evil aspect to that direction, or at least it might be "difficult" as the north wind is. (I noticed that a local church has a door in the north, but it is locked and never used.)

FreeDragon said...

I've never heard of churches not having a northern door but that would make sense because many Pagan traditions believe all things begin in the North. That is a difficult direction to work with, but it is also a very powerful one. I don't seem to rest much when sleeping in the North but I do have very powerful dreams.

There's so much to learn about directions, but I don't think anyone could ever follow all those guidelines. I've always heard that tombstones should face East. Never heard the reason given. But I've also seen cemeteries where the graves were crammed in every which way. After the Civil War the courthouses that were rebuilt face defiantly South. That doesn't mean all courthouses in the Southern US face South- some weren't burned, some could be remodeled, some towns just wanted to put the war behind them, and other places designed their buildings around the needs of their town.