Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting Angry

The porch guy showed up today. He just came to look, to verify he was at the right place building the right thing. We asked for a covered porch. Because, duh, this is Alabama. What respectable house doesn't have a porch down here?

We asked for a covered porch. The office said okay. Then our sales rep realized that would be expensive. So she changed it to a plain, uncovered deck.

Not okay. Really, really, really so not okay.

More not okay is the fact that every time a worker shows up and I tell them what they are supposed to do they look at me like I'm crazy because the office didn't say anything about that shit. They think I am adding to the work load. This is why I still don't have an outlet near my fireplace. I asked for one when we first went in the trailer when it still sat on the dealer's lot. We need an outlet because we're going to hang the television over the fireplace. No problem. Except the sales rep didn't relay this information to the electrician.

The electrician didn't put in the outlet. He didn't want to. He came up with some nonsense excuse as to why it couldn't be done, something about how Dish will need to hook up the satellite which is irrelevant if I can't plug in the t.v. I don't give a damn what Dish does and he shouldn't care either so just run some power already.

The porch guy was very sympathetic. He says this sort of thing happens all the time and that's why he comes out to look before he starts a job. He got my number so he could tell me when he would be here (only worker who's done so) and he expressed a desire to communicate directly with me rather than go back and forth with the office. For this alone, I am willing to pay the porch guy double.

But that is not the problem. The problem is a covered porch will be bigger so more house has to be torn down before he can build. I can't tear down more house until we move in to our new house and I can't move because they aren't any workers working.

Frustrated, I called the sales rep's boss. I got his voice mail (what a surprise). I told him to come out here. I told him to call me. Instead of doing either, he called the sales rep and told her to fix this mess. Being chicken shit, she called Will to say I was being unreasonable asking for a trailer to be set up in under a week. Will's mad. He's always mad when I am mad. Will told her to stop making excuses. I'm not mad because the trailer isn't set up, I'm mad because she makes promises she has no intention of keeping.

What's left to be done we could do ourselves. But we already paid for this so we are expecting people to actually do the work. Because, you know, they've been paid. If they're not doing it we want our money back.

It's not just the trailer people. Everybody seems to have an 'OMG-you-want-me-to-keep-my-word' attitude. Nothing seems to get done until I become mega-bitch. Yesterday I had to chew out the nurse for not putting in an Rx. Then I had a problem with the insurance and the only way I could get my insulin was to tell the girl at the pharmacy to pretend I didn't have insurance. She nervously told me it was $300. I know. Staying alive is fucking expensive. I paid out of pocket, called the insurance, got nasty, and at some point I have to go back and try to get my money since I 'overpaid'.

I'm not above throwing magick at the situation because really I have nothing left to try, it's just that I'm so angry I might throw some harm at people rather than asking for a smooth, quick resolution.

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restlessfeline@hotmail.com said...

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go to your happy place. All of this rage and adrenalin isn't good for you, or the baby. You have to assume that all people are like 3 year olds that have to be told over and over again. I wish I could go down there to help you deal with all these morons. This is just like giving birth, After all the tears, pain and screaming, you will have something beautiful at the end. Hold strong, and know that this will all be over soon. <3<3<3 Catherine