Monday, June 8, 2015

Don't Ever Live Next Door to Your In-Laws

It has been hell. The trailer is not quite finished but the inside is done and supposedly we could start moving furniture inside. This hasn't been the case. We still don't have keys. We still haven't seen our master bathroom. There's supposed to be several crews working today and NOBODY IS HERE. Alabama Power came out this morning to do an inspection but he left after 3 minutes because there is nothing to inspect.

Will and I have been fighting a lot. We are both sick of living this way. There's not a damn thing we can do about it. We can't make people show up and work when they promised. We can't do anything about the heat or the flies. We struggle to complete projects only to find out the timeline has to be adjusted or that wasn't our responsibility so we shouldn't have worried or bothered.

My mother-in-law pulled one of her classic inconsiderate stunts. I have asked repeatedly that she make a shopping list and I will go buy groceries. Her excuse was she didn't know what we ate. Let's see, she's a type 2 diabetic just like Will and Bill is a type 1 just like me so, hmmm, seems we would be eating the same foods. Oh, wait, I forgot, they eat whatever they want and then can't figure out why they have so many diabetic related health problems.

Anyway, she finally made a very long list. I'm in Kroger and I see 3 dozen eggs. What? I pull out the menu she made for this week. Nothing on the menu requires eggs. I call. Did you see the 2 dozen eggs in the fridge? Oh, well, guess we don't need eggs. When I had nearly a buggy full and still hadn't completed the list, I ran into a similar problem with sausage because both ground sausage and links were in the fridge. Will calls. Ok, never mind. And oh, we're going out of town Wednesday.

I refused to buy anything else. When we got home I chewed her out about it. She insisted she told me (nope) and then she told me she was going to town because she needed laundry detergent but lunch was ready. Her and Bill zoomed off leaving us to drag $150 worth of groceries into the house. Once inside, I discovered many of the things I just bought were already in her kitchen and lunch was not ready. The meat was cooked but nothing else. There was not enough meat to feed everybody so I didn't eat. I didn't cook anything else either, I tossed chips at the boys. I refuse to cook next door because there counters are so cluttered there is no room to set a plate down and put food on it.

Will begged me to cook dinner. I made him clean the kitchen. I warned him that if I had to clean up NOBODY would be happy when I was done. He cleared the island. I tried to bring everything I needed to cook chicken casserole but much of my kitchen tools and cookware are packed up. I ended up borrowing quite a bit of my mother-in-law's things like a mixing bowl, measuring cups, spoons. Every time I got something out, I had to wash it. I HAD TO WASH BOWLS THAT CAME STRAIGHT FROM THE CABINET. So the question is do they put away unwashed dishes or is the cabinet really that filthy?

At dinner, mother-in-law ate like it was a major chore to swallow my cooking. I sat at the other end of the table glaring at her and wishing she'd choke.


Aine O'Brien said...

Hell. Pure Hell. I can feel your fury from here!! :) All justified, by the way. Oh, I hope that things get settled quickly and you can start living your own life. Hang in there.

Jeanne said...

Here's hoping that life returns to some semblance of normal for you soon! ♥