Monday, February 16, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

I'm back! The husband returned to work, the kids are in school, and I have the whole house to myself! Yay!

I was on Facebook this morning. My friend Jesse posted the results of a quiz she took- she's a kitchen witch. I thought this was funny because I've never known her to be very domesticated. I got curious about what my result would be, so I took the test.

None of the questions had anything to do with Witchcraft. They were of the personality type quizzes such as your ideal date, vacation, favorite pet, etc.

I got white witch. I thought that was hysterical. I'm so filled with sarcasm and snarkyness. One of the things that turned me away from Wicca was the 'harm none' rule. If you are living your life, you are harming something. If you eat meat, animals must die. If you eat plants, that plant probably doesn't get to live a normal life cycle, it grows a certain amount of time, then it is harvested, and shipped all over the country. If we treated people like that, we'd be called barbaric. If you build a house, some trees had to die to be lumber. If you drive a car, you are contributing to pollution. The world is over-populated, yet we keep having children. There is no harm none.

And sometimes I think people DO need to be harmed- rapists, murderers, and thieves shouldn't allowed to hurt people.

After the quiz, about 400 comments came up about the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca. There were people who were very offended that the two got lumped together. Let me explain how this works- Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a system. Witchcraft is much older. Both have valid points. Both have ugly history. Some people say Witchcraft is a religion, too. I don't think it is, though it may have religious elements. I usually capitalize the words Witch, Witchcraft, and Wicca because these words represent real people, a legitimate demographic of the population. I didn't capitalize kitchen witch or white witch earlier in this post because I don't think the quiz had anything to do with Witches, it was just a fun thing to do. I wouldn't capitalize witch if it referred to a Halloween decoration. And I didn't leave a comment because the people who get worked up about this stupid shit aren't going to listen to reason anyway.

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