Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just for Fun

I've been having a rough couple of days so I decided to do a post just for fun. We all need to see more art.

First, I looked for string art:
Looks like an eye to me. Might be good for something that bears watching, or for protecting something you value.
All kinds of possibilities here.
Hey look, a love spell.
I searched 'tatting' and found this purse which is both elegant and useful.
This crochet is beautiful.
Card weaving.
These narrow brands are usually sewn onto clothing for decoration. They also make good straps for purses, dog leashes, ribbons for presents, and hair ties.
We need some pretty knots. You can do amazing things with just two colored cords.
This is the kind of knot I used on Baby Sister's necklace. My husband is still laughing at me for worrying about tying John with a short leash.
I searched 'celtic knot quilt' and was not disappointed.
Random beauty. You're welcome.

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