Thursday, December 18, 2014

Disappearing Act

So my cousin asked me to make a Beatles themed quilt for her daughter who loves all things Beatles. I have been struggling to work on it. Sewing machines have been little brats. Plans aren't happening, and while I will say that changes to my original vision make for beautiful pieces, working like this eats up a lot of time. I finally just threw my sketches out. I wasn't using them at all.

This quilt is supposed to be a Christmas present so I need to be done with the Beatles like, NOW. I'm not anywhere close to done. I have decided the only solution is to shut myself up with my mother-in-law's machine (because mine is being a little shit and spitting up gobs of thread). I'm going to ignore the world and sew. I won't be blogging. I won't browse Pinterest. I probably won't do any magick save for my daily work and maybe a few time spells to help me finally, please!, get done.

I have finally decided what direction to take my life/business/hobbies in. I'll post about that next year.

I'm going to add a page to the blog and again, you'll see it next year. I'd like to post some things, but I don't think it will happen unless the sewing machine can start uploading posts as I stitch. That would be so cool- if as I spoke the sewing machine stitches out words and spells...sigh. What a fantasy! I wouldn't ever leave my sewing room.

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