Friday, December 5, 2014

Being Called- Ideas Pester Themselves Into Reality

I really, really want to make a big transmutation circle- out of cords that I spun. I'm picturing something like string art nailed to the floor. At first, I was going to make my circle on cloth so that I would set it up anywhere. I rejected the idea initially because I really want the permanent circle on the floor. After thinking about it, I realized any time I make something big, I always see half a dozen details that could be improved on. I decided the cloth version would be my trial run and maybe by the time I get the bugs worked out I'll have found the ideal location. Instead of the attic with the rickety boards nailed to the wall studs as a poor ladder and the first rung being so high I nearly dislocate my hip to climb up. In a perfect world, I'd have steps leading to the attic. With a proper wood floor. And it'd be insulated. And there wouldn't be a big gaping hole in the wall. Sigh. Perchance to dream.

I'm making the same 16 point star I painted on my mirror. I want a circle comprised of the four elements/directions. I decided to start making the cord for North because all things begin in the North. We are almost to the season of winter, ruled by North. This is the element of Earth, the time is midnight. North is about dreaming, planning, and potential. I chose black as my color. My cord is a simple single crochet chain but I made it with my fingers instead of a hook.

To figure out how big my circle should be, I sat cross legged and measured across my knees which was 26 inches. I decided my four squares should be 30 inches wide. Four sides times 30 gives me 120. I thought it would take a while to make a cord that long. I sat on the bed with my yarn. I chanted all the things North and Earth mean to me. In five minutes I had a really long cord. I got the yardstick to check progress. I had made a 64 inch cord. I was just astonished. I easily made the cord the proper length in another 5 minutes. I left a very long tail and I didn't close the last loop in case I need to make things a little longer. In my experience, no matter how carefully you measure, something is going to come up short. It is far easier to cut off excess than to add in pieces.

I will probably make all my cords before I start sewing them to cloth. If things go as well with the other three cords, I will have all completed today and be ready to sew on Monday. I don't even try to sew on the weekends when the entire family is home. I get interrupted too much.

My next cord will be East and Air. I'm going to use yellow for the breaking dawn. The third cord will be South/Fire and the fourth West/Water. I haven't completely decided on a cloth yet. I was going to use a dark blue sheet because that would give me a large, whole cloth to work with, but I do have some purple paisley. Paisley just says magick to me. Paisley designs came from India, and I believe the symbols were originally used for magick, but I have never really researched this.

I realize when I get all my squares stitched down that nothing is going to align with actual directions. There will be too many points. That's okay. The elements and directions will be there. And a cast circle is between the worlds anyway. The Quarters are meant to keep you grounded to your plane of existence not to be exact reference points. Some Witches will disagree with me on this, but they aren't going to be using my circle.

I haven't decided how I will empower the cords or what kind of ritual I will use to activate the circle. I am keeping detailed notes as I work and my notebook will probably become the blueprint for the circle magick.

By Monday or Tuesday I should have another post on this.

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Jeanne said...

And this will have an immense amount of power sewn into it when all is said and done!