Monday, December 8, 2014

A Start, But Not Much Progress

I managed to get all the cords spun, and I started sewing today. I only got the black cord in place. I had lots of problems, the first one being my square wasn't square. It slipped in over an inch too short. I flipped my cloth over, measured and aligned carefully, and still managed to be half an inch off. I tried straightening the line as best I could but I am certain it's still not perfectly square.

Next, I couldn't see my line. Thus my cord got farther and farther off the mark. I ripped out stitches and started over. Same problem. I traced over the lines with a silver marker. Instead of pinning the cord to the line, I tried to guide cord and cloth together. This went much better. My cord ended up being really longer than necessary which I think is another indication of less than square.

The final problem is that the cloth doesn't want to lay flat where it has been stitched. I am worried this will cause a problem later as I add cords. Normally I hand stitch cords down, stretching them as I go. This is the first time I've sewn cords down by machine.

Tomorrow doesn't look real promising for sewing as I have to take a child to the dentist. It could be a few days before I have anything else to show.

As far as magick goes, I tried to stay focused on what North/earth/black means to me. I didn't do much magickal work during the sewing process because I was too busy trying to keep things in alignment.

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