Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Month of Witches & Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 26

Finally, we're to the spell itself.

Before I start, a few days ago I showed you my own version of a transmutation circle. It was my spell to obtain a new house for us. I cast the spell and two days later my husband told me he had a found a builder and even better, we could actually afford him. I am very happy!

Now on to the mirror spell!
First I got out my journal to make notes. One of my dogs kept me company. As I flipped through the journal looking for a blank page, I saw a previous entry with the words 'In Aeturnum' which is Latin for eternity. This got me to thinking, how powerful is mirror magick? Is it more lasting? I think so because not only will all your spell components be present, but they will be reflected in the mirror giving you at least two of everything. Maybe I should be doing a spell for a permanent change or at least something I wouldn't mind having forever. I finally settled on prosperity work. Things have been going fairly well for us but it would be nice if we knew we would always have enough money to pay our bills rather than waiting anxiously for payday.
I was at a bit of a loss for what to use to mark my mirror. I marked an x on a small mirror with a silver Sharpie. I then ran errands giving the marker plenty of time to dry. When I came home, I couldn't wipe the marker away with my fingers. But it did wash off with vinegar. I decided I would empower my marker to bring wealth to me and I would activate the spell by wiping the mirror with vinegar empowered to remove debt. I tested things out with this small mirror because if I couldn't remove the marker I wouldn't mind throwing it away. It's too small to really use in magick.
I wrote my desire around the edge of the mirror. Because I want to bring wealth to me, I have the words going clockwise with the energy directed into the mirror. If I was banishing I'd have the words readable from the outer edge of the mirror. I also used a domino because it has a dragon on the back. I love dragons. Dragons are experts at gathering treasure. Finally, I used star charms because I think stars are lucky. I placed stars both on the mirror and around it because I want my spell to manifest on the physical plane. I'm visualizing the mirror as a beacon that draws money. I'll leave it in the sun for a while then wipe everything clean with the empowered vinegar. The star charms will be used in a family sewing project.

I think tomorrow I'll try to show you something that is just symbols drawn on a mirror.

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Jeanne said...

I have not used a lot of mirrors, except as a form of protection.