Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Work in Progress

This will be a dragon box. The inside is done. The dragon will go on the outside. I've yet to stitch him, but I did get some help from Will. I wanted a small dragon but all the cross stitch patterns I found were too large to fit my box lid. I thought about using a portion of a large design, but that didn't work either. Finally, I just asked Will to draw a simple dragon for me. The first one he drew was too fat. When I complained, he asked if I wanted a sleek Asian dragon. No, I want a Western dragon, just not bloated. Will told me there was no Jenny Craig for dragons. He erased and redrew. Now I have a much more sensible looking dragon.

The darker work is still on-going. Sometimes I seem to be making great progress when suddenly things will back slide into their previous state. I finally realized I am dealing with an unstable person. There is nothing wrong with my magick. This person has been doing whatever they want for a lifetime. They have never been held responsible for their actions. They have never cared if what they do harms another. It will be a while before this person is removed from our lives. And then we will still be dealing with the mess they've made. There is nothing to do but push on. If I had pushed on from the beginning, this would probably be resolved by now. When the person moved away, I thought I was done. I didn't think about them moving back. I didn't think about them causing problems from far away, nor did I think about problems they created which were yet to be revealed to us. Autumn is the time to work on banishing. People often think about harvest, but autumn is about the release too. The slate is wiped clean when winter bears down.

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