Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Tools of the Trade and How to Use

This is sort of what my scales look like. I tried taking a picture but my phone decided not to send it to my email. But anyway, yesterday while trying to figure out what direction I wanted my Craft to go in, I came up with some ways to ritually use my scales. I decided I really needed balance. Sometimes, I need to weigh options. I just started jotting notes. I'm sure now that I have the ball rolling, other ideas will come.

My first thought was working with stones. I thought about balancing clear quartz and meteorites for Earth and Space or moving through realms. Or for connecting with Star People.

I also considered balancing stones of opposite colors; red and green, purple and yellow. And I thought of polished stones verses rough stones, or gemstones and common field stones. I thought about balancing wealth with Pyrite and lead. I thought about hardness- diamonds and sandstone. I even thought about shells- freshwater and salt water or sea shells and turtle shells for a balance between earth and sea.

If all that is a little too much, you could balance two magnets on the scales, one to draw and one to repel. Or you could do sand and glass or pottery and clay for a balance between potential and completion.

I thought about other items like keys for knowledge balanced with item that represents a subject you wish to explore. I thought about graveyard dirt or bones to work with the dead. Small mirrors might be useful as a way to bring reflections and dreams into reality. I even considered Tarot- one card to represent your current state and another card to represent where you want to be.

I can see myself standing before my altar every day trying to balance the scales, letting one side tip in my favor as I consider options carefully.


Anonymous said...

What a rich and wonderful tradition you are crafting in the adoption of tools that are right for you. Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of balancing stones

Aine O'Brien said...

Oh. Scales!!! I knew I needed something! I guess I'll be keeping my eyes open at the yard sales and consignment shops!

I love to use everyday or non-traditional items in magic. Today I used magnets in a love spell to sell a property. I figure all I need is for one person to be drowan in and fall in love with it.