Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Ranting

Sometimes, nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either. I find it helps to get the list out of my system.

1. It's raining. A lot. It has been raining all weekend and will rain through Wednesday. This comes at the time I started figuring out what to do with the yard.

2. My brother-in-law may be getting out of prison. Somehow, his case is going before the Supreme Court. They will either expunge everything, thus he is free to file a lawsuit against the county for unlawful imprisonment, OR he will get a retrial, thus the whole drama gets played out again. Middle sister is already wound up looking for records. She is unable to focus on anything else. I wasn't around for the first trial, but I see where it took a toll on everybody in the family. And then, last night, the most bizarre observation came to me- where are Scott's clothes? I found things that belonged to Middle sister and to the kids. I found books, toys, games, knick-knacks, and furniture. But other than the tools he stole from Will, I did not find a single thing that belonged to Scott. Was Middle Sister already planning to kick him out? Had he already taken his belongings from the house? Did she start throwing things away during the trial because she was hurt and angry? Does that mean Middle Sister suspects her husband is guilty? There's a lot of questions and I can't riddle any of them out.

3. My kitchen is a mess. Every day I clean. About the time I make real progress, it is time to start cooking again.

4. All I want to do is go back to bed. The puppies kept me up all night. They cried several times. Loudly. When I went to check on them, nothing was wrong and they shut up as soon as they saw me. I can't go back to bed because two little boys are testing the limits. During one of the times I got up, after midnight, I caught one playing with a flashlight. I will be so glad when school starts because there is nothing as nice as the kids-on-the-bus nap.

5. I want to sew. I am not sure I have the brain power to manage it today.

6. Today is probably a good day to do magick. Due to my mood, it may not be safe for people if I begin casting. I think I could easily take a simple plant growth spell and twist it into a mighty hedge, a barrier of entwining banishment. The more I think about this, the better it sounds.

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Aine O'Brien said...

Oh, yeah. I know about days like this. A nap may be a necessity. I also think that taking advantage of this energy magically could really be a good idea. Why let good energy go unused???