Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Magick Notebook

In my effort to keep a daily practice going, I've started a notebook with a list of magickal goals and works. Each day I write down what I did. The next day, I write whether or not I had success, or if I changed anything. When I am done with an item, I check it off. Unchecked items are ongoing works. If I decide I don't need the spell, I draw a line through all the words. Being a former teacher, I don't mind writing things over and over. It actually gives a fairly good map of events. If something is always near the end of my list then it obviously isn't a high priority.

I know you're just dying to see what kind of spell work a Witch does each day. Here's my current list:
1. Mindlight. 3 today.
               This is the same Mindlight as in Silver RavenWolf's book. I realize a lot of Pagans don't like her. She is often described as too white light or too commercialized. I started reading her books in the late 90's, about the time she got popular. There wasn't much information available then. Wicca was growing, but it wasn't accepted. What I liked about Silver is how much information she gave with spells, she listed herbs, moon phases, stones, time of day, astrology, Goddesses, colors, and often times she listed variations, substitutions, and quicker ways to get things done. I didn't have any questions when reading her books.
               I've tried Mindlights in the past. I've had enough success to try them again, but they are not my favorite form of magick. In my experience, they need to be very well formed from the beginning. Vague intentions don't work. They take time to form and I don't consider them quick spells. I realize they are simple, just balls of energy, but when you are in a negative situation that wears you down daily it is hard to rise above circumstance and keep an eye on the goal. I find Mindlights work best when no negative energy is attached.
2. Dragon trigger!
              I needed something to remind me to do magick as soon as I awoke. I asked a dragon for help and I nearly got a spell in mind as soon as my eyes opened. Dragons are AWESOME!
3. Empowering water for coffee.
              Not sure about this one because I didn't think about it right away and I wasn't sure what quality my water needed. It's a good idea to empower the water for healing or health or energy but I don't think mine 'took' this morning.
4. Talked to Will about arch.
              This falls under land/house/yard work. I want to put an arch near the path to the woods. I mentioned this to Will and we had the same idea. Of course, he was thinking art and I was thinking portal but hey, we are in agreement about needing an arch. This won't be checked off for a while because we have to clear some weeds, settle on a design, build it, and THEN I can add magick.
5. Calendar- blessed my day.
             We have a large calendar in the hallway where I keep up with and manage our lives. As I drew a slash through yesterday's box, I decided I really needed today to go smoothly so I worked a spell for harmony and focus. This was nothing more than a mental affirmation. Spells can be worked into every detail of life. No one has to know what you're doing.

That's what I've done since I've been awake. I still have some issues to address like a family problem (couple of them actually), I have some books to look through, I'm on the hunt for a new rocking chair, I need to add a little magick to a cross stitch sampler, and I've got to get my mind set about an issue before I can take any action. These are the things I'll work on as I go through my day. I've kept a notebook like this before. Eventually, the notebook becomes magick like WishCraft. It's just like it sounds, you Wish for things until they happen. I've found just writing can cause things to happen quickly. Manifestation begins to happen with little effort. I think this is because as I write my subconscious sees the notebook as the key to getting things done so when I start jotting notes, my subconscious aligns with the Universe. Because of this, I don't write anything down unless I really want it to happen.

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea of the notebook being a conduit for manifestation. I see the same thing in a similar practice of my own. I need to take more time for the spiritual side of life, but I hesitate to journal whether mundane or magical until I'm in a situation where I don't have to worry about my privacy being invaded. Thanks for sharing your magic Notebook and giving me a kick in the pants to get back to my own too.