Friday, July 25, 2014

Stop the Production!

Middle Sister is on a mission. Several of them, actually. All of which take the woe-is-me slant.

Middle Sister moved to Kentucky. Scott is in prison in Montgomery. Everything happened here. Most of the paperwork is here. The new lawyer is in Kentucky (not sure how that's going to work with Alabama courts). Scott's doctor is in Columbus, GA. His medical records play a vital role in the trial.

Middle Sister has been hinting around to Will that she needs paperwork. She insists she needs records from the Columbus doctor. She has dropped hints, whined, groaned, and complained about it for a week. Finally, on Wednesday, she asked Will to ask me to go to Columbus and pick up the file.

Will, getting really annoyed, tells Middle Sister to ask me herself. Then the truth comes out- I can't go. I'm not on the list of approved people. There's a huge privacy issue. Only the lawyer, Middle Sister, or someone Scott consents to having access AND that person filled out the proper forms with both the lawyer and the doctor's office, can pick up the file.

Middle Sister has to turn in the file today. It has to be picked up in person. Or so she says. Will can't go, he's at work. There isn't enough time to get me on the list. She can't get off work and drive down here.

All she had to do was ask when she first learned of the issue. There would have been plenty of time for her to either a.) take time off, b.) add me to the list, or c.) make the damn lawyer do his job.

But waiting until the last second gives us all the hand-wringing and when shit goes wrong Middle Sister has someone to blame. She can say she tried but Will wouldn't help. She can lament how she's under such a hardship with her husband in prison and nobody is on her side, everybody's against her, blah, blah, blah.

The process to free Scott hasn't even started yet and I'm already sick of the mess.

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