Monday, July 14, 2014

House Magick

Let's see some of the magick around my house-
When I was pregnant this was going to be a mobile for my baby. It changed quite a bit after the miscarriage and it took me a long time to finish because first I didn't see any point to it, and then I ran out of beads. Now it's just art. It's a bike wheel, a saw blade, chain, glass beads, charms, prisms, and keys. Art is always magick.
Kitchen altar and spice rack. I looked online for inspiration when setting up my spice rack. I really liked the drink crates, but I liked the peg boards too. I decided to do both. I never did get a basket for the peg board to hold the items too large for the crate. Maybe one day. I intend to buy the spices in the small jars from now on. I have the spices in alphabetical order. No one understands my system and I am constantly putting them back in the proper spaces.
Close up of my altar with herbs from the garden and a spell in progress. At some point, I'd like to put dried eucalyptus leaves in the vase. I'd also like to get an aloe plant.
Stars at the sink.
Moon on the curtain.
I have Halloween decorations out year round.
I have a few angels. I don't see angels as being a Christian only symbol.
Angels are found on every continent, in nearly every culture. For as long as people have been writing, there are angels mentioned. I think of angels as guides to higher powers.
Dragons are also found on every continent and in nearly every culture.
Dragons can be guides, teachers, co-magicians, or guardians. They can be concerned with this realm, other realms, high magick or low.
I love dragons.
I have them everywhere. At my local store, there is a dragon above the cash register. Recently, he started winking at me.
Horses and magick books. It's Wicca 101, but still useful enough for me to apply it to my work. And there's another dragon at the bottom of the bookcase.
My dishes and rolling pins. Will is turning my old altar into a cabinet and then it may or may not be a place where I do magick. I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking it might be a place to store spells in progress, long-term spell work, or spell bottles. Or maybe it will just house my rolling pins.
Magick on the fridge. The bottom circle is a long-term work. I want to heal the land in Salem. When I say I have a garden, I mean a little container garden. Every time I plant something in the ground it dies. I'm hoping to heal my yard, then my in-laws' adjoining property, and finally, hopefully, the community itself. I realize this is a lot of work and will take years to complete, if I ever get done. I could be working on this for the rest of life. But I feel it must be done and in the future when I show you pictures of my yard, you'll understand why.
My garden on the porch.
We found this skull near the fire pit. We know it is a dog skull, but we cannot figure out what dog died. It is not the right size to be one of Will's old pets and as far as we know, none of the neighbor's dogs went missing.
One of my two coyotes guarding the door. My coyotes have never failed me. I love them dearly.
One of my wolf prayer flags.
Lantern to help lead family members home.


Jeanne said...

Thank you for sharing with us! You have a lovely home and have upcycled many items very nicely. You have a such a comfortable home. :0)

FreeDragon said...

Thank you :)