Friday, May 9, 2014

What You Need to Clean 12ft Ceilings

Mind you, I'm 5'1'' I can stand on the very top of this ladder (which I wouldn't do because it's rickety as hell) and still not be able to touch the ceiling. It was a lot of work moving the ladder around, climbing up and down, waving the broom blindly over my head, then after I got down, realizing I missed a spot. But the ceiling does look much better without all the dust and cobwebs. This is obviously not going to be a very regular cleaning chore. I was going to do it every month but now I think once a Pagan High Day will do. I'll let this be the Beltaine cleaning. Oh wait. That means I've got to do this again on the first day of summer. Okay, Mabon it is.


Aine O'Brien said...

Wow!! 12 foot ceilings! That's awesome, except for the cleaning part. I think they make long handled dusters, though - that might work to make the job easier.

Funny, I just did something similar in my house - but I can't blame anyone but myself. I simply haven't taken care of the ceiling dust in a while...:)

FreeDragon said...

They are awesome during the summer. In the winter, they suck. No one has ever made an effort to clean the ceiling, that's why it was so dusty. When we moved in, we cleaned off the ceiling fan. That was nasty. So much dust got stirred up that we stopped instead of taking care of the whole problem. Both Will and I were sneezing and it probably would have been smarter to sweep the whole ceiling then, but sometimes I can only do so much before I get discouraged. My poor old house. She's been so neglected.

I will invest in a long handled brush. I have three more rooms and a hallway with 12ft ceilings. If I were rich I'd invest in a maid service.