Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Witch Under Cover

My practice has changed a lot since I moved back to Salem. Just about every thing is a secret. But I probably use magick more than ever.

I don't have a magick broom anymore. I have several regular, household brooms. And I empowered them. When I sweep, I cleanse. I remove negative energy with every swish of the broom. How did I cleanse the house before? I physically cleaned, I lit incense, and then I waved my Witch broom over each nook and cranny of the house. Having more steps doesn't make a spell or rite more powerful. What makes a spell is the intent.

Speaking of intent, there isn't as much wondering if something will work. I stick with spells that have always brought me results. I am also much more direct. Before I read the cards, thought carefully, gathered components, and waited for the right time. Now I just cast. I would still make careful considerations for large spells. The difference is now I put the magick in place first. It's a tool. I make good use of it.

A lot more magick goes into the food. I cook nearly every day. At nearly every meal, I cast spells for good health, good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Banishing spells work better when you are mad. I don't do as much banishing now, but when I do, it really needs to be done. I put much more emotion behind my banishings because I don't want to keep dealing with stupid shit.

I think carefully about numbers, colors, and placement. I can't do a full rite to invoke change. But I can open an eastern window, hang some wind chimes, and group three stones in a potted plant.

I can wait until everyone goes to school and work. I can be fairly quick with a working. I can clean it all up before my mother-in-law wanders over.

For the first time since I moved away from home, I live in a house with a fireplace. It's not the greatest fireplace, but it does work, and until it is cold weather again, I can burn small things without anyone noticing. Fireplaces have magick all by themselves. Mantels make the most fabulous altars. Woods have meaning, how you lay the fire has meaning, and if nothing else, you can use a fire for scrying which is entirely different from scrying with a crystal ball, a mirror, or a bowl of water. If you can't build a fire, a fireplace is great for candles- no problem if they fall over.

Instead of a book of shadows, I have Pinterest. I also have a journal.

Journals make great places for workings. I can draw a circle on paper, add symbols of my intent be it hand drawn, written, or stickers, and I can open my journal each day, light a candle, and work my spell.

Children's toys can be useful for spells, too. Match a toy to intent. Each day, move the toys closer together (or farther apart). I really like plastic animals for totem spells. Eventually the kids will notice what you like. They will bring you things to 'play' with. Lots of times the boys bring me exactly what I need for a working.

My Tarot cards are still in storage. But I have ordinary playing cards and a basic understanding of numerology.

Refrigerator letter magnets make good spells as well. You can come up with a code, remove the vowels from a word, or just use initials. Or spell out a word that matches your spell like MONEY for prosperity.

Learn not to talk. I keep comments to myself. I don't explain why I'm doing something. I don't offer my opinion. If someone asks for it, I think before I speak. Really, if everyone did that, the world be a better place.

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