Monday, April 7, 2014

Now I Need A Routine

I am officially moved! I will update my blog soon. Right now it is very rainy, windy, and nasty out which sort of puts a crimp in my outdoor photography plans. This morning we were under warnings for flash flood, serve thunderstorms, and tornado.

I can't find anything. I have a love-hate relationship with my house. It is old, big, and beautiful. It is filled with lovely details- my doorknobs are elegant. But the house is in very sad shape. This morning I discovered water spraying from the drywall. When I turned the shower off, the spray stopped. Evidently someone left out a washer when they installed the shower head. That doesn't work well either. No matter which setting I put it on, the same pitiful stream comes out. I can pour water out of a bottle with more force than I can get out of my shower.

I tried to hang up my clothes last night. That is when I discovered that while I have a closet, there is no shelves, no rod, nor hooks. It is just a tiny unfinished room.

My kitchen is NASTY. I can't describe it. We bombed the kitchen and the roaches didn't die, they just got high. We bombed it again but there still wasn't enough little brown bodies to suit me. I don't want to go in the room, let alone prepare food, but somehow I've got to start cooking.

I am having success with plants. I am relieved at least one thing is going right. Whatever routine I finally settle into, visiting the plants on the porch daily will be part of it.

Stay tuned, next time I'll have to show you my bedroom.

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Aine O'Brien said...

oh, yeah. I can relate to old house issues. You may have to call an exterminator - some infestations are too big for mortal beings :)

Oh, the drip drip water. I hate that - and have lived in old apartments and houses that have this problem.

Still I'm dying to see some pictures!

Hang in there - focus on the charm.