Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving Update

Despite all my packing, I really don't have shit done. I am supposed to move THIS WEEKEND. The other house isn't ready because Will's cousins are still in it. And my dear, sweet man has found people to help me move. People I don't know. I'm grateful for the help, but I am also filled with dread because I don't like people going through my things. I don't like strangers in my house. Actually, I don't like people.

Sometimes I feel like I'm making progress and sometimes I feel stuck. Have you ever put something off? Maybe you have a bill laying on the counter, you intend to drop the payment off on the way home, but all week long you forget. Or maybe shirts need to go to the cleaners but instead they are piled in the car and every time you drive you feel guilty. Or maybe something needs repairs but you shoved it in the garage instead of calling the repairman. On the day you finally pay the bill, drop off the dry cleaning, and get Bob the Handyman to the house, you feel AWESOME. That is because when you procrastinate, the item steals some of your energy. When you finally take care of business, you get all that energy back. I have vampire boxes sucking the life out of me.

Will and I made lots of plans, like repainting my bookcases. (Nope, not done.) We're also going to build a cabinet that will become my altar, there's a few things he promised to make for me that he will do as soon as we are in our permanent house like some kind of storage for my rolling pin collection, the other house needs to be cleaned, and my dogs need a pen. We have a few thousand things going that aren't getting done because either we are at work, there's only so much I can do alone, or when we are both off we run all over town taking care of errands. This is why I am so proud of doing small things and often feeling stuck.

Besides the move, ordinary life marches on. I am often forgetting things because I can't find anything. I don't feel like myself and I will be so happy when I have routine and life is once again more or less normal.

Having a new family of in-laws sometimes works in my favor. I have an embroidery machine. It was given to me. It has no power cord. I have no idea if it works or not. For well over a year, it has been sitting in my sewing room. I kept thinking I had to buy the power cord before I could do anything. The power cord was hard to find because the end that plugs into the machine is oddly shaped. I finally found what I think is the correct cord online but I put off ordering because I didn't know for sure and I didn't want to buy the wrong one. My mother-in-law had the perfect solution and it's so simple I can't believe I didn't think of it. Take it to the sewing machine shop and let them service it. They will have the correct cord which I can then buy and they will tell me if the machine actually works, they will no doubt be able to fix problems, AND they will have the accessories for it like hoops, thread, and software. Brilliant! As I intend to pack up the sewing room today, the embroidery machine can go to the shop this afternoon and that's one less thing to carry to my storage unit.

Stay tuned, Readers. I haven't even got to the interesting parts.

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