Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Happens When Your Man Talks to EVERYBODY

I love Will. I love his kindness and generosity. These are also the things we fight about because he is often kind to those who have wronged him and giving to those who have cheated him. No matter where we go, someone ALWAYS comes over to talk. There is just something about him that makes people talk. He talked to the entire group gathered in the gyno's waiting room when he took me to the doctor. He talks to people at gas stations. He talks to his neighbors, people he's known for years, friends, and people who wish they were his friends. So, of course, he talks to his chiropractor, Dr. Mike.

And Will's back is in horrible shape. All those years of high school football, all those years of working two and three jobs to support his family. Dr. Mike wants to know who Will went so long without seeking treatment. And Will tells him, my girlfriend has magic fingers.

Suddenly, Dr. Mike needs me. Gotta have someone to massage patients. Please, bring her to LaGrange.

I laugh. I have no medical training what so ever. I have no physical therapy training. What a ridiculous idea.

Will: Dr. Mike will pay you very well.

Me: Whatever. LaGrange is on the other side of the world. I'm not qualified.

So things rock a while. I'm still not working. I apply for job after job and never get a call back. When I do finally get an offer, it sucks dishwater.

It occurs to me that what I am doing isn't working. All my life I have worked in factories and warehouses. Maybe I should do something very different.

And then Will's truck broke down.

So I had to pick him up from work. In LaGrange.

You know what happened, right? Dr. Mike's office isn't far...

So I met Dr. Mike and liked him immediately. Even better, he liked me.

This astounds me. On my last job interview, I was told I was 'too quiet.' Dr. Mike thinks quiet is the most wonderful thing during a massage because people relax when they aren't talking.

So next I had to prove I had magic fingers. I had to massage Dr. Mike.

I start my job tomorrow (Monday, Feb 3) at 10.

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Aine O'Brien said...

Congratulations!! Well, now wasn't that a "coincidence???"

I love when this happens.