Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Personal Belief System

A friend of mine was wondering how 'Witchy' she really was since she never felt a connection to a Pagan God/dess. She's read about quite a few, she's tried several spells involving them, she's tried meditating, but over the years she has never felt a divine presence. She wondered if she was doing something wrong or if she just wasn't a spiritual person.

I said I never felt a divine presence either. There are Goddesses I really like such as Hecate for Her power, Brigid for all Her crafts, Grandmother Spider for Her wisdom, and Isis who loved Osiris so much that She traveled the entire world in search of all His parts to put His body back together. All these Ladies get things done. I have worked with each of Them. I even try to abide by Hecate's rules of finishing all business before each calendar month ends. Really, this makes good practical sense- pay your bills, plan a head, balance the checkbook, and clean the house.

But I don't worship Goddesses. I don't worship anything. I understand some things are sacred. I know how to behave in a holy place, even if that place or ritual is outside of what I am familiar with. I don't have a religion. I DO believe the Universe reflects each and every one of us. I think if you believe people are out to get you, you will come to harm. Not because the Universe is evil, but because like attracts like. Going out with a bad attitude causes annoyance in people and they will treat you exactly how you find it acceptable to be treated. I didn't say how you treated them. I said what you find acceptable. If you find yourself in a series of bad relationships, ask yourself when it became okay for your significant other to treat you like a doormat. Do you constantly pick a bad boy? Why do you believe you don't deserve a good man? Do you buckle under pressure? Do you whine or do you take action? If you are confident and kind you will attract wonderful people. Everybody likes nice. Sometimes nice encourages others to be nice. If you mope about waiting for someone to rescue you the only people who will notice you are predators looking for easy pickings. Think about it- when looking for a mate are you drawn to person who seems to have it all together or to the unshowered grump sitting in the corner?

I believe if there is anything in my life that I am unhappy with, I have the power to change it. I can get anything I want. If I loose it I can learn from my mistake and try again. I believe anyone can do this. Witches just have tools that bring faster results.

I believe in ghosts and spirits. I also believe emotions can linger on the earthily plane. I believe in reincarnation and afterlife. I do not believe there is a deity who controls us. I believe we have the power of choice always.

I believe in dragons. I believe they are higher beings who are willing to work with humans to help us grow and learn.

I believe in aliens but I don't believe they are from outer space. I think they are from other dimensions or other times.

I believe in Bigfoot because that could be a real animal. I do not believe Bigfoot will ever be 'found' because that would raise too many questions. Is Bigfoot an animal or human? Does he have rights? Can he be educated? Can he be hunted? If he's a person, does he have religion? If he has religion, does that make his 'right' and ours 'wrong'? Could a person marry a Bigfoot? Could Bigfoot be homosexual? If so, does that mean homosexuality is ok because it is 'natural'? Several years ago, two men in Georgia shot Bigfoot. The media later claimed it was a hoax. I think it was real and authorities covered it up. Please think about it- if you shot Bigfoot the first thing you'd do is tell everyone you knew. If you wanted to play a hoax you could only go so far. A hoax wouldn't get national attention for three days. Bigfoot resides in Georgia.

I believe in the power of elements- earth, air, fire, and water. I believe in the power of natural places like lakes, rivers, mountains, and caves. I believe gardens are magickal places even if the garden was not created with magickal intent. I believe the cure for every human disease can be found in either the plant or mineral kingdoms.

I believe we should make the best life possible for our existence on Earth. I think it is wrong to deny the body or emotions. If the physical self had no meaning we would not have bodies. Higher pursuits and philosophy are good things but to go without food or comfort or to deny anger is stupid. Pretending physical problems don't exist only creates more problems.

Above all else, I believe in balance. We must work and rest. We must learn and reflect. We only understand happiness when we have felt sorrow.

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Aine O'Brien said...

Fantastic post. I agree with all. I especially understand your feelings about aliens. I often suspect that what most people call gods will turn out to be alien beings, those from another dimension. That's why I think we feel that they are not to be worshiped. You have a very free flowing practice and I do too, but I think it's more about being part of it, not categorizing everything, that creates this flow.